TITLE: The Boyfriend Makeover
AUTHOR: River Jaymes
SERIES: The Boyfriend Chronicles – book 3
COVER DESIGN: The Killion Group
PUBLISHER: River Jaymes
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 3.99 e-book on Amazon store
RELEASE DATE: 22th November 2016


BLURB: Noah Tanner loves life and the gay men who live it. Bisexuals rock too. Questioning? Even better. Random hot encounters are almost as regular as his nightly cocktail, but it’s his friends and his calling that feed his soul. He’s spent years raising money for San Francisco’s homeless in honor of the boyfriend who died. His most important objective? Ensuring the success of his upcoming, upscale charity event. He’s closing in on his goal, but the deliciously scruffy, oh-so-sexy Bachelor Bid contestant, Dr. Kyland Davis, is proving far too distracting.

Former Texan and no-nonsense surgeon Ky Davis prefers his beat-up Stetson boots to polished dress shoes. But after a difficult year for his sister, he’ll do anything to see her smile again, even participate in the fundraiser she’s coordinating. He’s sacrificed a lot to help raise his siblings—including keeping his sexual orientation a secret. Unfortunately, the accompanying makeover by Noah Tanner might be his undoing…


12833361_10205887579250242_1339245014_nHow to review a book that grabbed my heart years before I read it… yes, I know it sounds crazy, but you heard me right. Noah is a significant character throughout The Boyfriend Chronicles. I have been waiting for his book for a long long time, and I have never been given such an amazing gift for my patience before. This is the third story in the series and for maximum reading pleasure I would say it’s best to start with The Backup Boyfriend and The Boyfriend Mandate, or reread them as I did the past few days.

River Jaymes delivers an unforgettable masterpiece with The Boyfriend Makeover. Noah and Ky’s story has a relatively simple plot, but the magic happens when the writer gives this simple story so many layers, packing it with so many amazing feels that the book takes over… the story and the feelings it evokes in you take over… you live and breathe with the characters. It’s a rare, but wonderful experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

This book has everything I love in my MM romances. It has heart, amazing feels, unique characters, great depth, no unnecessary complications, and style. A style that grabs you on the first page and takes your whole being on an emotional journey you will likely never forget. I was crying at times, laughing out loud a lot. Noah is one of the greatest characters ever written. When you are in the middle of a heartbreaking scene and you are looking for a tissue, he delivers a line and you start laughing and crying some more with a huge grin on your face. I just LOVE him and this story from the bottom of my heart. We meet everyone from the previous books, see how happy they are, how they deal with some life-altering situations together, and how this wonderful group of friends form a unique family we love so much. Ky is the perfect partner who helps Noah live his life again the fullest. They have a wonderful chemistry, and a deepening connection that creates a sweet, heartwarming love story I’m going to read over and over again. Highly recommended!!!


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****



One thought on “REVIEW: “THE BOYFRIEND MAKEOVER” by River Jaymes

  1. River Jaymes 11/23/2016 / 7:31 AM

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed Noah and Ky’s story!


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