REVIEW: “BAIT” by Elizabeth Noble


AUTHOR: Elizabeth Noble
SERIES: Circles – book 5
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Mystery/ suspense
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Dreamspinner Press
LENGHT: 94 pages
RELEASE DATE: 23rd November 2016


BLURB: Tyler McCall has made mistakes. He was a teacher—before he fell for a student in his school. That misstep cost him his job and everything he’d worked for. He moved to the Black Hills of Wyoming to start his life over, and he’s happy working at the Big Rock Inn near Devils Tower.

Linden Bourne, a no-nonsense FBI agent Tyler had met before, returns to Wyoming hot on the trail of a killer. The previously unexplored attraction between them grows—which is good considering they’ll be spending a lot of time together when a blizzard strands them at the inn. Cut off from the outside world, with no power, they’ll need to rely on their wits and each other to survive.

Especially when it becomes clear they’re not alone—and the danger they face comes from more than the elements.



Though Bait is the fifth book in the Circle series by Elizabeth Noble, it can be read very successfully as a stand alone – which is great because I haven’t read the previous books.   The storyline of Bait is very cleverly constructed, so much so, you can easily pick up the thread even with the occasional reference to previous storylines.

Tyler McCall is still trying to get his life back together after something happened 10 years previously. Even after all this time, he still hasn’t fully recovered and is struggling.

Linden Bourne, is trying to solve a murder mystery, bringing him all the way to Wyoming.

When Linden meets up with Tyler, a snow storm is heading their way, threatening to cut them off from the rest of the world.

What follows is a breathtaking thriller, it will make you, the reader, freeze as well – in fright!

Elizabeth draws you straight in to the cold with an open window that was supposed to be open….isn’t it?

Once Tyler and Linden discover that the power cut is caused by a sabotaged generator, then this thriller really starts to heat up (no pun intended). Elizabeth Noble used the setting of a closed down hotel and a blizzard to maximum benefit.

How she melded the budding romance between Tyler and Linden together and entwining the story of a killer on the loose, is truly spectacular to say the very least, also the POV’s between Tyler and Linden was nicely done as well.

For me personally, I found it a tad disappointing that the love scenes between Tyler and Linden were kept to the minimum. I fully realise that this was purposely meant by the author to keep the focus on the thriller aspect of the book, but……..


infinito 4

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****





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