TITLE: Hanging the Stars
AUTHOR: Rhys Ford
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
COVER ARTIST: Reece Notley
GENRE: Mystery
SERIES: Half Moon Bay – book 2
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner
LENGHT: 206 pages
RELEASE DATE: 5th December 2016


BLURB: Angel Daniels grew up hard, one step ahead of the law and always looking over his shoulder. A grifter’s son, he’d learned every con and trick in the book but ached for a normal life. Once out on his own, Angel returns to Half Moon Bay where he once found…and then lost…love.
Now, Angel’s life is a frantic mess of schedules and chaos. Between running his bakery and raising his troubled eleven-year-old half-brother, Roman, Angel has a hectic but happy life. Then West Harris returns to Half Moon Bay and threatens to break Angel all over again by taking away the only home he and Rome ever had.
 When they were young, Angel taught West how to love and laugh but when Angel moved on, West locked his heart up and threw away the key. Older and hardened, West returns to Half Moon and finds himself face-to-face with the man he’d lost. Now, West is torn between killing Angel or holding him tight.
 But rekindling their passionate relationship is jeopardized as someone wants one or both of them dead, and as the terrifying danger mounts, neither man knows if the menace will bring them together or forever tear them apart.


leviDo you know how Heaven tastes? No …? Neither do I, but if we ask West, he will tell us that Heaven tastes like Angel’s kiss, the sweet touch of his lips, his arms around him … but let’s not rush it.

 This is the second book of the series. Here we will meet West Harris, the twin brother of Lang, from the previous book. West is nothing like Lang, he is coldhearted and his motto is “money is never enough”. He doesn’t fall in love, no, he does not because his heart is already given away to a summer fling, with this boy called Angel, whom he can’t forget. He tries, oh how he tries, but the boy is hunting him. One attempt of murder, and let me tell you West has a lot lately, sends him back to Half Moon Bay…

Angel just can’t take a break from life. Nope, not happening. Angel settled down in Half Moon bay after he had escaped from his con father, leaving behind his past. Two years ago daddy dearest (you can hear the sarcasm right?) drops his brother, Roman, at his doorstep, and since then he has to manage this eleven years old , hyperactive kid who runs an underground candy shop out of his locker, because kids needs their sugar even if the school is going all healthy and stuff. Above all this, one Harris Investment tries to take away his bakery and the motel he manages and lives in with his brother, the only home they have ever known. The shootings and attempt kidnaping are not helping either.

One evening when he delivers a pizza to a posh house fate seems to make the steps for him. The owner of the mansion is nobody else than our dear West.  One look, all it takes, one look and they can’t have enough of each other, like the ten years since they last saw each other never existed …

 As much as I liked the story, I must say it’s very similar to the previous one, the plot and the characters too. There is contrast between conversation and description, but I think it’s just the author’s style. It keeps you on the edge a bit, no angst, but your mind switches between harsh, sometimes vulgar conversation and the romantic description of the MC’s feelings and environment.

“…Dusk kissed the sky, blushing the clouds in pinks and purples…”


infinito 4


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: “HANGING THE STARS” by Rhys Ford

  1. gareth0wens 12/06/2016 / 7:12 PM

    Good job, Rhys!
    Excellent review Levi!

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