TITLE: Ripples in The Status Quo (1-6)

AUTHOR: R. Phoenix
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
GENRE:  Dark Erotica/BDSM/Dystopian
E-BOOK: yes


leviRipples in the Status Quo series is a series of 6 short stories. We are witnessing a world where humans are not in control of their lives anymore, what they wish doesn’t matter.

This series is not a light read, is devious and consent has no place in it. Definitely put’s you out of your comfort zone, pushing your boundaries. I was hot and cold during the reading. Cold, not because of the plot no, cold because my mind got frozen whit the taboos. Hmm I found out a few things about me

If you like Dark Erotica- No Con – Puppy play than this is a series just for you.

I leave you with small snippets of the series, enjoy!




LENGTH: 126 pages

PRICE: € 1.05 on Amazon


This book is nothing like you have read before. This is an amazing story! Jace is a werewolf who will do anything for his love Spencer. Even be a Witches toy. Elias has his own agenda as far as Jace goes. Jace, thinks he has an option. What he doesn’t count on is how much that will take and how much pain and humiliation he will have to endure. He may have thought twice before volunteering to become Eliass new pet.
This is not your typical werewolves love story. This is dark and gritty.



LENGTH: 87 pages

PRICE: € 3.17 on Amazon


The second book in this series focuses on Reese and Ashton. Reese is a werewolf that has shut out his pack and the rest of this God forsaken world after the death of his Daniel.
Ashton is a human that robs to help his sick best friend Leo. One night, Ashton breaks into Reese’s house and is caught by the werewolf.
After Ashton explains to him why he is there, Reese decides to help these humans which goes against all the paranormal world.


LENGTH: 96 pages

PRICE: € 0.00 on Amazon


Welcome to the world of Khaz and Noah. Khaz is a vampire that prostitutes himself to pay his bills. His landlord offers him to break a human for his slave trade to make him even with rent. Noah is in the rebellion that gets captured and is thrown into Khaz apartment. Noah hates bloodsuckers and can’t believe he’s landed in the care of one. Khaz is instantly Drawn to Noah.




LENGTH: 130 pages

PRICE: € 3.17

This story is coming together so nicely and the human race is in despair.
Elias is pissed that Khaz took what was his and he seeks revenge. He has his battle at the arena with his pet, Jace beside him. He invites Khaz and Noah to the event in the VIP section with them so they can watch the human be killed.
Noah is in utter shock when he remembers his life before he was turned into the one thing he hates, a bloodsucker.
Khaz makes a deal with Elias to make up for what he took, Noah. Will Khaz and Noah survive this test?
All the characters are starting to blend together and The Status Quo is dark and gritty and evil.


LENGTH: 147 pages

PRICE: € 3.18 on Amazon


Ashton can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. He quickly learns how being human in this paranormal world is terrifying and he realizes that he should have listened to Reese and stayed put.
Reese has to save his lover and gets put right back into his pack, which is the last place he wanted to. He does not agree with the way The Status Quo operates and just wants to live and love Ashton.
Elias and Jace make good on the deal with Khaz and Noah couldn’t hate Khaz anymore than he does right now. Khaz just curls up and watches his love being tortured.
This gets very dark and there’s nothing that can stop the evil Elias.


LENGTH: 130 pages

PRICE: € 3.30 on Amazon


Noah can’t even stand to look at Khaz and decides he needs to work with rebellion.
Reese calls Khaz and Noah to watch Ashton because he is going to talk with the rebellion also. Reese and Noah leave together and leave Ashton, Leo and Khaz together.
Khaz has a hard time trusting Noah to be safe so he follows them. He is so impressed with his Noah and how well he fights.
What happens next will set The Status Quo off balance and everyone’s life is about to change both for the paranormal and humans as no one thought this was possible.


I would rate this series between 3.5 and 4 Stars.

infinito 4


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