Recently I was asked “who and what is Three Books Over the Rainbow?” and that’s a very good question.  Who are we really? and why do we think we are different to other Blogs?

Well firstly, we are a m/m romance Blog.  Originating in Italy, we have expanded rapidly and now cover not only Italian but the German and Anglo-American markets as well. Responding to interest from the Spanish and French markets, we are thrilled to offer global book reviews. Hong Kong and Tokyo have not returned our phones calls as of yet, lol.  Our Reviewers are dedicated and very hard working, giving up their free time to bring you books that they want you to read, sharing the pleasure they received from reading it.

So now to The Team. 

It’s with absolute pleasure that I introduce to you – The Italians, the English, the German, the Hungarians, the Dutch and the American – yeah, I know, there’s a joke in their somewhere……….

So let’s start with our Chief Blog Administrators, Francesca Giraudo and Federica Lemme, both based in our main headquarters, Italy and which I fondly refer collectively to as “The Mafia”.

FrancescaHi Francesca,

Can you tell us a little about yourself, how the Blog came about and your hopes for the Blog’s future? 

I’ve always loved reading, especially romance.  I started the Blog back in 2014 all by myself.    Back then, I didn’t know that m/m romance even existed, so I was reviewing m/f romances.  That all changed when I came across Erin E. Keller’s “Dimmi come se” and found a whole new world to follow and fell in love all over again.

Now this little beauty of a book, has been translated into English – What you Are and this was my turning point in my reading, I now only read m/m romances and it’s one of the best decisions that I have ever made (together of course with the Blog).   As I said I started alone, I wanted to share the pleasure I got from reading with other readers and hopefully bring them books that they may have missed.  Time has bought change, good changes.  My Blog is now one big family, I  have 12 good friends working on my Italian branch of the Blog, 6 good friends working on my English branch and 1 good friend running my German branch, I consider myself very lucky.  It’s funny though, my friends call me  “Big Bossa” so when Lorraine refers to me as The Mafia, I can’t help but laugh –  it’s so very fitting.

The success of the Blog is all down to these wonderful friends, they work so hard to ensure that we succeed, they help me achieve new goals and so much satisfaction, thank you my friends.

My hopes for the Blog’s future?  To continue as we have been over the past two years, we are one big family and I’m so grateful for that.


Next to step up, is our amazing 008 Federica (she is our backbone, controls the day-to-day running of the Blog and is totally indispensable).

FedericaHello my friend,

Can you also tell us a little about yourself, what you see as your main function at the Blog and where you see the Blog a year from now?


Hello everyone.  Well, what can I say that you don’t know already?  I think Lorraine’s Mafia comment already lets on that I’m Italian, in fact I’m a 42 year old Italian, with 3 dogs and 2 cats and been a m/m addict for the past four years.

Unlike today, four years ago, m/m romances being translated into Italian was a rarity, so to feed my craving, I began to read them in English.  And that fed my addiction even more!

I discovered so many new authors, such wonderful storylines, I was in seventh heaven.  Then I met Francesca and together we decided to create an “English Corner” for our Italian Blog.  Originally, it was going to be a twice monthly column, that thinking soon changed when the demand grew to amazing levels that we could never have envisaged.  Twice a month wasn’t going to cut it, we had to have our very own English Blog.  I’ll admit it wasn’t easy, reading in English for an Italian and then writing a review in English as well…well let’s just say the word “daunting” springs to mind.  But we did it and then found some wonderful English speaking reviewers – a real result for us – and here we are.

Now, apart from reviewing, I organise the Schedule for the Blog and I also publish the reviews for the Team.  We are a Team, a good Team, everyone one of us works hard to ensure the Blog’s success.

I can’t imagine where we will be in a year because I’ve never imagine to be here today, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been here without you Lorraine, so we will see……


Now it’s over to our German teammate, Anne Bock.  (Anne runs the German Blog entirely on her own.  As you can imagine, she is kept extremely busy and therefore maybe not as high profile as some of us, but she always makes her presence known!)

anneHello Annie,

Please tell us a little something about yourself and what’s it really like running the German Blog all on your lonesome?


Heya all,

Hmm, what to tell about myself, hmm… Like mentioned before, I am from Germany and live in Lower Saxony near the Northern Sea. When I am not reading (a lot!!), I like to be in nature, riding my bicycle, or walking. I don’t mind a good movie either or spending some time with my friends here and there. And lately I have two new little minions aka my kittens at my side, Lily and Mica that keep me busy. All. The.Time.

Now to the Blog, the perfect mix of hobby, fun and the chance to connect with readers, authors and BookAlcoholics like me. Books, books and books, heaven on earth. It can be a bit stressful to have the “fun” all for myself, but the authors or members of each publisher I am connected to are really, really nice, supportive and friendly. Sometimes it’s a bit much, no, overwhelming is a better word to describe it. So much books and you can hardly decide what to read and review next. But it’s a hobby, too, so it should be fun and therefore I am grateful for the patience of some people when I may be a tiny little bit behind my own schedule. All in all it’s a lot of fun and I am honoured to sometimes be one of the firsts to read a new book of an author. So thank you for having me on the blog and to the authors for being so kind to let me read their precious works to review them.

So, that’s all folks. See ya!


Next up is Eszter, aka Cinnammon.  Cinna is part of our Anglo-American Team.

12833361_10205887579250242_1339245014_nHi Cinna,

You recently made a life changing move from your home country to the U.S., so can you share how that went, a little about yourself and what your ambition for the Blog is for the coming year?


I fell in love with MM when I accidentally bumped into a book at the local library when I was living in the US back in 2010. Never though something wonderful like that existed… I watched QaF, youtube videos of gay storylines and loved yaoi manga, but when I found this new magic world, there was no turning back. In 2014 I joined FB to find authors I love and the rest is history. I mostly read contemporary romances but enjoy paranormal and suspense as well. I care about my characters and love when the focus is on their connection. I also enjoy different dynamics mm, mmm, mmmmm… if they are well written. I hate unnecessary complications and miscommunication, and most of all cliffhangers. I am always eager to try something new but I also have regular rereads and stories I turn to when I am in a certain mood. If you want to know more about CinnaMon, you know where to find me!


Now let’s welcome Sandra and Levi, our two latest recruits to the Anglo-American Team.

lexyHello Sandra,

Perhaps you can tell our readers, a little about yourself as well and why you joined our team? 

Hi everyone, I’m Sandra aka Lexy.  I live in a town near Amsterdam, Netherlands with my husband and three children – 2 boys and one girl.

I work for an international company as my day job, with English being their first language and have regular contact with colleagues in Germany, Spain, Italy (that comes in handy when keeping The Mafia happy, lol) and the U.K.  This is a great way to practice my English and German but have to say, that writing German is a skill that is beyond me – it’s strictly verbal only!

I’m an avid reader and always have been.  Fantasy and Sci-fi being my favourites.  I started my love of reading when I was a teenager and become a regular at my local library, where I soon become well known and most importantly, saved some money rather than being broke all the time from buying books – thank you library, you saved me a fortune over the years.

So after discovering the e-reader and e-books I stumbled, almost simultaneously , upon Yaoi manga and m/m romance. The first due to my daughter reading manga and me wanting to know what manga and anime was all about and yeah Yaoi is BoysLove manga….nice!  And the second if I remember correctly via a search on the Kobo website. That was a m/m romance that had a big BDSM factor and to me that was a BIG eye opener. I think I’d finished that book the same day I bought it. That was romance on a different level than previously encountered 🙂

So why did I join the Team?  Well, with my electronic library overflowing, I thought it time to voice my thoughts – sharing what I like and maybe, some that I didn’t like so much with the reasons as to why.  I’d like to find books that you may have missed and share my thoughts on it.  But it’s not only that, I want to be more interactive with the authors themselves, I want to be able to thank them for writing such wonderful books and what a great way of achieving that than by writing a review through the Blog.

Thank you for accepting me in to your famiglia and for giving me a chance.  I also want to thank the authors in trusting me with their precious ARCs.

As I have already mentioned, I’m writing my reviews under the name of Lexy – a name frequently used in my past  and has really good memories for me, so please help me create new memories by stopping by and saying hi.


leviHi Levi,

I’m sure by now that our readers have read your reviews, so could you tell us about the man behind his reviews? 

Hi everyone, my name is Levi.  I  am Hungarian, born in Transylvania.

I love my books, they are my happy place – the escape from the reality we live in …….

I  discovered m/m romance over two years ago and can’t imagine going back to reading m/f romance….so maybe that is a no?

I joined a m/m book club over at Goodreads and remember thinking at the time, that I couldn’t review a book because “art cannot be judged”.  That shows you just how little I knew about reviewing back then.  I somehow saw it as a criticism and how can you criticise art?  It is something that can’t be judged or analysed – Art is art is art.  But now I realise that a review is different, we are not art critics and I can finally see the difference now, we share our book experiences with you, the readers.

I’m so happy to be part of this amazing team!

As for you fellow readers, authors/editors, publishers and PA’s……have a great time reading our reviews.

Have fun!



14483774_10202179950336519_1469719546_nAnd lastly but by no means least, I would like to introduce Gareth Owens.  Gareth has a very special niche with us in his Gareth’s Corner.

Welcome Gareth,

You truly are our mystery man.  Can you rectify that by also telling us a little about you as a person, what exactly Gareth’s Corner is and your plans for the future?

“Mystery Man?” Whoa there … I think you’ve confused me with someone else. I am just a country boy from Northwest Georgia who loves to write. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and have a dog with more personality than many people I’ve met.

I have worked as a social worker and a legislative advocate at the Georgia and West Virginia State Houses. Although I have dabbled in writing since I was a kid, I made the decision to try my hand at writing contemporary romantic fiction.

I try to balance my work and family life with my two ongoing projects, Gareth’s Corner and my current WIP a romantic thriller. The book reviewers of the m/m genre that we love so much rush from one review straight onto the next one. The need for more reviewers goes without saying. In short, they are overworked and under appreciated. I have reviewed for other blogs in the past and have always felt that the one key ingredient to better understanding the book is missing. That ingredient is the author his or herself. That is when I devised the “Interview Review” format. It gives the readers a better chance to see and hear a side to their favourite authors that they wouldn’t otherwise see. I pitched the idea to the blog’s owner. My first interview was in July of this year and since then The Corner has enjoyed immediate and consistent success. It is my plan to continue to feature the stars of our genre and the brilliant works they create. Look for a few surprises in the upcoming months.

lorraineAnd me?  I’m Lorraine.  Chief Coffee Maker (Italian blend only of course – I wouldn’t want to upset The Mafia…..).



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