REVIEW: “TEDDY BEARS” by Brandon Witt


TITLE: Teddy Bears
AUTHOR: Brandon Witt
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on sales on Dreamspinner Press Store
LENGHT: 47 pages
RELEASE DATE: 1st December 2016


BLURB: Other than working the front desk of a gay bathhouse in Denver, Brian McKay is a bit of a recluse. At the best of times, his social life consists of work, role-playing games at a local toy shop, and making YouTube videos with his Teddy Bear hamsters. The arrival of the holidays—with the annoying music, Christmas shopping, and all the reminders of how he disappointed his father—just reinforces his reclusive nature. 

When James Olsen, a gorgeous daddy bear who frequents the bathhouse, notices him, Brian is at a loss. He’s not proud of his own bear status or his struggle with weight. The idea that James has interest in him beyond an easy hookup is more than Brian can fathom. But with a little bit of holiday magic, James might help Brian learn to accept Christmas again—and himself. 

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Advent Calendar “Bah Humbug.”



Oh my… I’m sitting here with a huge grin, feeling all warm and fuzzy. Although Brandon Witt is not a new author for me, Teddy Bears is the first story I review on our beloved blog. I am so happy to welcome him here again with such a heartwarming, uplifting short story. This book is all you need on a cold winter night to just sit, sip your hot chocolate (spiked with some rum) and enjoy your heart being filled with hope, and love. You are definitely gonna feel the drops of the holiday spirit injected in your soul.

Teddy Bears tells a story of a Christmas miracle that brings two older daddy bears together in the most charming, most lovable way. I had a constant smile on my face while I was reading it in one sitting.

The characters are truly special, and Brian, with his amazing hobbies and his passion for life, is especially unique. This is a real feel good short that will give you an ‘everything is possible ‘ kinda feeling.

I love Brandon Witt’s writing style. He not only creates complex and unique characters, but puts them in everyday situations in an imaginary world we could easily be part of. I love the elegance and simplicity of his writing. How he makes every single one of his characters our best friends we like and want to protect. This story is no exception. The mastery of an author shows itself in the magical ways they create a simple storyline decorating it with layers of unique, intriguing details, meanwhile destroying stereotypes, ignorance and labels.

The important lesson we all have to learn one way or another is to be ourselves, to follow our dreams and to accept ourselves no matter what. Teddy Bears shows us a wonderful example. Highly recommended!


infinito 5e 

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press. My review was an honest opinion of the book****


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