REVIEW: “THE LAST DRAGONET” by Shannon West & Susan E. Scott


TITLE: The Last Dragonet
AUTHOR: Shannon West & Susan E. Scott
SERIES: The Dragon Prophecies – book 1
PUBLISHER: Dark Hollows Press, LLC
GENRE: Paranormal
PRICE: $ 4.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT:  147 pages
RELEASE DATE: 20th December 2016


BLURB: Luca Wessex is Dragon Spawn. Son of a human mother and a Red Dragon father, he has been trying his best all his life just to survive and get by. His father is abusive, his mother is dead, and most recently, a vicious and dangerous group of neighborhood Spawn have begun trying to recruit him as a member of their gang. When a pushy and gorgeous Golden Dragon named Dmitri appears, full of questions about the gang and his role in it, Luca tries to cooperate, but he’s no snitch. Suspicious, the gang attacks Luca one evening while he’s working, and he’s rescued by Dmitri, who then kidnaps him and—for his own safety, he claims—takes him to his home in what some say is the most remote spot on Earth, an area of Russia called the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Dmitri has come home with a treasure, because what Luca doesn’t know is that he isn’t a Spawn at all but a species called a dragonet and the very last one of his kind. Because of a mysterious prophecy, Dmitri has discovered the beautiful boy’s life is in danger and he wants desperately to save him. But Dmitri is up against not only another Dragon, but also a powerful mage. Dmitri takes Luca under his wing—literally—and they begin to navigate a minefield of love and dangerous ancient prophecy. For the first time in Dmitri’s life, something is becoming more important to him than treasure, if only he can hold onto it.



“Sleeping on a dragon’s hoard with greedy, dragonish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself”.

C.S. Lewis

Shannon West and Susan E. Scott took this statement a little bit further – Dragons are real, live amongst us and hoard their treasure with such an intensity, nothing else matters…….

Or does it?

A bit of magic, a sprinkling of fictional history (or maybe true history?), a dash of sorcery and a great big dollop of dragons made this the perfect Michelin Starred storyline. These two authors served up the most delicious platter of edible reading and I gobbled it up. They breathed so much fire into this storyline, no oven was needed.

As I have already mentioned, Dragons are real, pan sexual, arrogant and greedy. Luca on the other hand is Dragon Spawn – a half-breed offspring of a pure blooded dragon and a human.  He is not rich or greedy but I think we can safely say that the word “brat” springs to mind immediately and describes him to perfection (and let’s be honest here, these two authors write great “brats” and Luca is heading for number 1 spot on their long list).

Is Luca (his father is a Red Dragon) in cahoots with Artie Samboa (another Spawn) and if so? what are they up too?  Dmitri (an elitist Golden Dragon) intends to find out and like all dragons, believes that hoarding treasure is the equivalent to the Elixir of Life, not only prolonging life but turning metals into gold and Dragons love their gold.

And he certainly found his gold with Luca, as the more time he spends with his little Dragonet (Luca doesn’t know that he is indeed the coveted Dragonet) the more he wants and we all know that dragons never share their treasure!

And so their adventure begins and what an adventure it was, I just loved it. I loved the cover (how refreshing to see a dragon on the cover, hinting as to what is to come, no pun intended), I loved how the authors outlined the background simply and easy to follow and I loved Luca and Dmitri together.

But I am also wondering where the authors are going to take us? I know the prophecy stated –

                                         “born of magic, blood and rage”

And yes, there was rage. But – and it’s a big but – there was no body!  Did magic intervene that night?  Is Rosamund held captive somewhere in another magical land, awaiting Pen to find her……

I may be totally on the wrong track here, but that’s the thing with these two writers, you never know what they are going to pull out of their writers head next….

Only one lost opportunity though….went to pre-order book 2 and it’s not there! Get writing authors, I need more….

Five, big, fat dragon stars from me.


infinito 5e


****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****



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