TITLE: Guided Heart: Rio de Janeiro
AUTHOR: P.J. Nevada
PUBLISHER: Self Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 3.52 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 141 pages
RELEASE DATE: 16th March 2017


BLURB: Michael Adams, seeking a week of relaxation on the beaches of Rio, wants nothing more than a couple of airport transfers and to take in a sight or two. But when his sexy, young Brazilian driver Gabriel makes himself available for a day of touring, Michael takes him up on the offer. The attraction is mutual, except that Gabriel is not looking for a rebound romance after a bad breakup from his abusive boyfriend. And who wants to start a relationship that must be over by the end of the week, leaving both parties on two different continents?

But urge and desire can be strong, maybe even enough to get through some hurdles, such as Gabriel’s hostile sister? Enjoy the tropical warmth of the beaches of Rio and the sultry jungles of Brazil, where almost anything is possible in this m/m tale of erotic romance. Adult language warning.



After journeying through three countries so far and finding that special loves which is a keeper forever, I was a bit concerned that the author may be a bit jet-lagged, his circadian rhythm out of sync with his visa’s (lol) and therefore a bit lacklustre in his latest destination of Rio de Janeiro, but if anything, he STRUCK GOLD IN RIO!! For me, the best one yet.

My imagination was captured with his descriptive vibe of Rio – sandy golden beaches, lush tropical greenery and the golden tans of the Rio men themselves but it was Michael Adams and Gabriel Feliz that truly captivated me and held my attention throughout. If ever two men deserved to be together, it’s these two.

I’ve been thinking why this Series ticks my boxes so well and decided it’s all down to the simplicity of it – tourist going on holiday, meeting his guide and falling in love. Add PJ Nevada’s romantic flair of writing sexy romance and the pure elegance of that simplicity, we have another winner on our hands.

It may be all down to the heat of Rio, but this was definitely the hottest and sexiest book of the Series so far, they samba’d those bedsheets many, many times. But it’s not just the sex, it’s the clever way the author makes his MC’s so endearing, they are not only likeable and lovable, but realistic as well.  They have problems, usually down to the legal intricacies of staying together and I don’t know whether the author has inside information or whether his research is meticulous, and I suspect it’s the meticulous aspect, but it’s very believable and I have no doubt that it is correct and it’s this intricate detailing that makes his stories stand out from the rest.

We’ve all been on holidays, fallen in love and realise on return, that it was lust and not love, but this author’s stories are love stories, they don’t return home and move on to someone else, they return and stay.

Five golden Brazilian stars from me.

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


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