TITLE: The Black Sheep and the Rotten Apple
AUTHOR: K.A. Merikan
PUBLISHER: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
GENRE: Dark Romance – Historical
PRICE: $ 6.46 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 364 pages
RELEASE DATE: 7th February 2017


BLURB: How does one start a relationship with another man when it is forbidden?”
“One needs to decide that the other man is worth dying for.”

Cornwall, 1785

Sir Evan Penhart. Baronet. Highwayman. Scoundrel.
Julian Reece. Writer. Wastrel. Penniless.

No one forces Julian Reece to marry. Not his father, not his brother. No one.

When he is thrust into a carriage heading for London to meet his future bride, his way out comes in the form of an imposing highwayman, riding a horse as black as night. Julian makes a deal with the criminal, but what he doesn’t expect is that despite the title of baronet, the robber turns out to be no gentleman.

Sir Evan Penhart is pushed into crime out of desperation, but the pact with a pretty, young merchant’s son turns out to have disastrous consequences. Not only is Evan left broke, but worse yet, Julian opens up a Pandora’s box of passions that are dark, needy, and too wild to tame. With no way to lock them back in, rash decisions and greedy desire lead to a tide that wrecks everything in its way.

But Julian might actually like all the sinful, carnal passion unleashed on him. How can he admit this though, even to himself, when a taste of the forbidden fruit could have him end up with a noose around his neck? And with highway robbery being a hanging offense and the local constable on their back, Julian could lose Evan before he can decide anything about the nature of his desires.



Have you ever read a book that is so good that all that matters is the next page? This is one of them.

I knew from the blurb that I was going to love it, but I wasn’t prepared for how much it would engulf me into the world of Sir Evan Penhart and Julian Reece – a very unjust, brutal and unforgiving world where two men, against the odds (and boy, where they stacked against them) found love. It does have an open happy ending (surely their must be a book 2?) but in getting there, it fractured my heart over and over.

Over the years that I’ve stalked these authors (they are a writing duo) I’ve learnt to trust them because the “shock” factor is always present, laying in wait waiting to pounce on the unexpected. I mention this now as their was one particular dub con scene that had me shouting WTF!!!  but, as I said, I’ve learnt to trust them “to do it right” and they did.

“Can you feel that?” I’d build you a castle in the sky if you could only want me the same way I want you”.

 This is so poignant to the storyline, as love between two men meant a death sentence! And Evan knows this from first hand experience, only his position in Society saved him.  His lover was not as fortunate…..

Because of this, he now lives as a recluse on his family’s crumbling and practically derelict Estate, accepting his fate of a lonely existence. He needs money to try and save it, so takes up the profession of Highwayman.  One fateful night when out robbing, he holds up the coach with Julian Reece on board – he’s being sent by his father to get married.  Julian is not happy with this situation –  he just wants to drink, whore (and that is losing its appeal) and write his books.  But he is surprisingly agile of mind (when sober) and quickly realises that this robbery could be his salvation – he just doesn’t realise just how true that really is at the time. It could be his way of getting out of the marriage his father is forcing on him and maybe getting some money of his own and so their journey begins…….

No spoilers from me as such, this book needs to be read without them.

 “One needs to decide that the other man is worth dying for. And then you take a leap of faith”

 I will always remember that line, it’s so beautifully scripted and when Julian and Evan took that leap of faith, they found what true love really is. But I warn you now, it’s an arduous journey (remember I said it fractured my heart?), the writers gave us so much – authentic well researched historical storyline, dub con, violence, off the charts sexual chemistry, dubious morals, bigots  but also…love.  That leap of faith found someone worth dying for.

For me, Evan and Julian wasn’t the Black Sheep, nor the Rotten Apple. They were two men dealt a rotten deal in life but refused to be herded like sheep to the slaughter, they stood proud and tall and gave us the most enthralling and remarkable love story.

 This is an all-the-feels 5* from me. I loved it.

infinito 5e


***I voluntary reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of the book.***





TITLE: The Innocent Betrayal
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
SERIES: Innocent Series, Book 2
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
GENRE: Historical
LENGTH: 157 pages
RELEASE DATE: 20th June 2016


BLURB: London 1811
Can love withstand the ultimate betrayal?
William was running. Running from his father, running from his arranged marriage, and running from himself. He’d never wanted to manage his father’s vast empire. He would have been quite happy to find some small corner of England and read and paint. He knew it would be too much to ask for the company of a man to go with that. Too dangerous. His only hope for escape is to hide who and what he is and pretend to be a servant.
Alex was barely surviving after the fight with Napoleon’s armies. Riddled with guilt, he buried the knowledge of his wife’s death, and his crippled body, at the bottom of whatever brandy bottle he could find.
Two broken souls. One so damaged he thinks he doesn’t deserve love, and one so convinced he would never find it he has stopped looking.
Danger, lies, and espionage. The fate of hundreds of English soldier’s lives depending on them to trust each other, to work together.
Alex is forced to make a choice, unable to swallow his pride and rejects Will and their chance of happiness. Will is heartbroken, and Alex is destroyed. Will Alex realize his mistake in time? Can he learn to trust Will, but more importantly himself, and would Will ever forgive him if he did? And finally, would love ever survive a betrayal – even if it is an innocent one? 


The book is dedicated to the memory of those that lost their lives or were injured in the unjustifiable shooting that happened n Orlando.   #LOVE IS LOVE#

We first met Will (William Prenderville, 8th Marquess of St. Ives, son of the Duke of Cambrideshire) in book 1, the guilt he is carrying for his beloved? Beau, weighs heavily on him and this story starts on his wedding day.  He’s looking out his window, reflecting on what bought him to this untenable position of getting married, he knows he can’t go through with it but how can he escape and even if he did succeed, where would he go?
Benson (let’s put him down as a very, very close servant/friend) suggests the position of Companion to a gentleman who was badly crippled whist fighting the French. And so, the eldest son of a Duke, becomes Will Derringer, a commoner but now the Companion to the owner of Arlington Manor.
It turns out that Will’s new employer, The Right Honourable Lord Alexander Marston, is a drunk, laudanum taking, wound infested and don’t-care-if-I-live-or-die employer. But something about “Alex” draws him in and Will decides to stay.  Can these two wounded men, one physically and one mentally, unite together against all odds?
I loved Will and I loved Alex, but most of all, I loved the storyline. I adored book 1, The Innocent Auction, but this latest edition to the Innocent Series was far superior, it was Historical Romance at its finest.  The detailing to the timeline was meticulous, the author did her research well, I was held entranced from the very first page to the very last.  I freely admit that I have an addictive personality and this book fuelled my book addiction to an all time high, like any adrenaline rush, it left me wanting more, I didn’t want the read to end.
“Will was grounded even as he felt that such perfection might make him simply float away”
The sex scenes were beautifully scripted, sensual and loving. Two wounded men coming together as one.
“Joy could never be found in a lie”
Will knew that his deception to Alex about who he really was, would destroy them – Alex couldn’t abide liars…..
But Will could never envisage that in becoming a simple Companion, how complicated his life would become. Love, betrayal, espionage, spies, treachery, swindlers, family rivalry and greed, all have a part in the final act of The Innocent Betrayal…..
This book is a must read, not only for us historical addicts but also for every m/m romance reader.
As I’ve said already, this is Book 2 but can be read very successfully as a stand alone, so much so, I would suggest that if you haven’t read Book 1, start with this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Highly, highly recommended.

5* big fat love is love stars from me.

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REVIEW: “Nightingale” by Aleksandr Voinov


TITLE: Nightingale
AUTHOR: Aleksandr Voinov
PUBLISHER: 44 Raccoons
GENRE: Historical Romance
PRICE: $ 4.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 256 pages
RELEASE DATE: 23rd November 2015


BLURB: In Nazi-occupied Paris, most Frenchmen tread warily, but gay nightclub singer Yves Lacroix puts himself in the spotlight with every performance. As a veteran of France’s doomed defense, a survivor of a prison camp, and a “degenerate,” he knows he’s a target. His comic stage persona disguises a shamed, angry heart and gut-wrenching fear for a sister embedded in the Resistance.
Yet Yves ascends the hierarchy of Parisian nightlife to become a star, attracting the attention—and the protection—of the Nazi Oberst Heinrich von Starck. To complicate matters further, young foot soldier Falk Harfner’s naïve adoration of Yves threatens everything he’s worked for. So does Aryan ideologue von Grimmstein, rival to von Starck, who sees something “a bit like a Jew” in Yves.
When an ill-chosen quip can mean torture at the hands of the Gestapo, being the acclaimed Nightingale of Paris might cost Yves his music and his life.



Not many books keep me up to 2.00am, this is one of them.
I was spellbound from the start, it held some hypnotic lure that I couldn’t break free from. Some of what I read was disturbing, I got the distinct impression that this was truth being told here, not some author’s wild imagination and for that reason, it made portentous reading.
I’m no Historian, but I believe that the author’s research was meticulous, the detailing superb and I was left in no doubt that it was 100% accurate. With that in mind, it raised many, many questions.  The immediate ones that spring to mind are, “what are you prepared to do to survive”and if that’s not daunting enough for you, what about “how can you love your enemy?”.  This is a very thought provoking book.
It’s not a romance, the author doesn’t wave a magic wand and sprinkle fairy dust, so that everything comes up roses, this book is set in turbulent times – it’s harsh and brutal. It’s timeline is a time that many wish to forget and I think it was brave and courageous for the author to take this route, rather than an easier option, it must have been a harrowing experience to write.
The blurb really does cover this book extremely well, so I’m not going to repeat.
This book proved that nothing is just black and white, the grey areas are always there, lurking in the shadows, ready to catch you unaware and we never know how we are going to react until the unimaginable happens.
Has to be 5* from me, anything else would be an insult to the author who did a truly remarkable job.


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****


EPIC Award winner and Lambda Award finalist Aleksandr Voinov is an emigrant German author living near London, where he works as a financial editor. His genres range from science fiction and fantasy to thriller, historical, contemporary, and erotica. His books were/are published by Random House Germany, Samhain Publishing, and others.

If he isn’t writing, he studies sports massage, explores historical sites, and meets other writers. He single-handedly sustains three London bookstores with his ever-changing research projects. His current interests include special forces operations during World War II, the history of chess, european magical traditions, and how to destroy the world and plunge it into a nuclear winter without having the benefit of nuclear weapons.

Visit Aleksandr’s website at,

and follow him on Twitter, where he tweets as @aleksandrvoinov.

REVIEW: “SEMPER FI” by Keira Andrews

TITLE: Semper fi
AUTHOR: Keira Andrews
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 5.53 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 325 pages
RELEASE DATE: 11th November 2014


BLURB: As Marines, Cal and Jim depended on each other to survive bloodshed and despair in the Pacific. Relieved to put the horrors of war behind him, Jim went home to his apple orchard and a quiet life with his wife and children. Knowing Jim could never return his forbidden feelings, Cal hoped time and an ocean between them would dull the yearning for his best friend.
But when Jim’s wife dies, Cal returns to help. He doesn’t know a thing about apple farming–or children–but he’s determined to be there for Jim, even as the painful torch he carries blazes back to life. Jim is grateful for his friend’s support as he struggles with buried emotions and dark wartime memories. Then Jim begins to see Cal in a new light, and their relationship deepens in ways neither expected. Can they build a life together as a family and find happiness in a world that would condemn them?






I don’t know how to tell you in words, just how good this amazing book was, I don’t believe I can give it the justice it deserves.  Being an Italian myself, I would want to read it again, firstly in English and then in my native Italian, just in case I missed something with the first read.

I’m not usually a great fan of historical’s, even fairly modern ones, but this one?  this one, took my breath away, I couldn’t put it down.

The author took us on a journey of past and present, we saw how the friendship was born between Cal and Jim – a friendship that was always going to be so much more, neither really knowing it at the time, especially Jim.

I loved how the author managed to describe the war and bring it to life.  Being Marines, there was always a bond, especially between Cal and Jim.  The emotions were so real, I felt I was there with them – fear, sorrow and desperation were all relevant and felt so realistic as I was reading.

After the war ends, they both returned to their civilian life, a different life, away from each other.

Jim goes back home to his apple orchard but when he needs help, Cal is there for him, willing to help.  Tragically, Jim’s wife has died, leaving him with his two children to raise and of course, the orchard.

At the beginning, the relationship between Cal and Jim’s daughter Sophie was not easy, but they slowly bonded and become a family.  It was then that Jim realised that it was not just brotherhood love between him and Cal, but true love.  This was terribly dangerous and certainly forbidden, a love that he tried to deny for the safety and respectability of his family.  Jim could lose his family if anyone found out.

This was just so heartbreaking to read.  They had a short separation and I totally understand why that decision was made, but it got me so mad!  It’s a terrible thing that when two people are in love, they can’t live as they want to because of the incomprehensible thoughts of homophobia people and the law.  Unfortunately, this is still true in certain parts of the world and it makes me so sad.

But don’t worry about Jim and Cal, they have their wonderful happy ending – I would never suggest a book to readers without one!  and with everything that these two men went through, it made the ending so much sweeter.


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innocent auction

TITLE: The Innocent Auction
AUTHOR: Victoria Sue
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
GENRE: Historical
RELEASE DATE: December 30th, 2015


BLURB: London 1810.

Their love was a death sentence.

Deacon, Viscount Caldwell, was aware of the slums and gin-lanes of London. Just as he was
aware of the underground traffic that furnished the brothels and bath houses with human
innocents. He was also aware that the so-called justice system would hang the accused without
much of an attempt at a defense, unless the unfortunate had deep pockets to pay for it.

He just hadn’t expected to be directly involved in any of it.

It started with a plea for help and ended with forbidden love, the love between a Viscount and a
stable-boy. An impossible love and a guarantee of the hangman’s noose.
Will Deacon fight for Tom? Will he risk the death sentence and take that fight from the stately
halls of his English mansion to the horrors of Newgate Prison and the slums of London?
Or will he realize that if he doesn’t, death will be a welcome end to the loneliness of the sentence
he is already living?

lorraineOoooooooooo yes! This I liked. I myself was held prisoner by invisible chains securing me to the book, as I tried to read as quickly as I could, to see how the author, against all odds, gave me the HEA I so needed. I was captivated from the very first page to the very last, I didn’t want the book to end, but I found myself racing to that final page, the tension nerve racking, the suspense killing me, I had to know!

I love good historical romances, to hold my attention though, it has to be a good storyline, any facts mentioned must be correct and the research meticulous, otherwise the writer would be joining other unfortunate authors in Newgate Jail, to rot away or even see the Hangman’s Noose, never to be read again by readers and especially me, but not Victoria Sue – she rocked this!

Firstly, I loved the cover “Their love was a death sentence” was so appropriate. The book is set in the early 1800’s – to love another man and be caught, was literally a death sentence! The so-called justice system a farce. It was thoroughly corrupt, where enough “coin” could be used to bribe yourself out of most situations, or in this case, bribe the courts to ensure that the prisoner would never see the light of day again, either by rotting away or via the Hangman’s Noose.

The blurb covers the story so well, so I won’t repeat, but I’ll add this – the author did a magnificent job of conveying that time period, her research was spot-on and the way she navigated her plot was clever, very clever. As I said at the beginning, I was captivated throughout, her sex scenes were so sensual and delicious, her characters engaging and I have to say, that she captured the essence of a “baddie” remarkably well – they were really bad!

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

5 “the author won this auction” stars from me.

infinito 5e


Tom was stunning in the candlelight. The servant’s clothes he wore were a hundred times softer than the rough shirt he had taken off him in the stables. Tom’s skin was just as soft, though, the muscles just as firm, and the reaction to Deacon’s touch just as thrilling.

He heard the small moan from Tom’s lips as he pulled the shirt from his trousers, his fingers touching the skin on his abdomen. Tom lifted his arms above his head in silent invitation, and Deacon’s cock swelled in eagerness. Tom let his arms fall as the shirt was thrown aside, and Deacon hurriedly unbuttoned his trousers, as Tom’s fingers went to work on Deacon’s.

Neither of them said a word. It wasn’t just fear that they would be heard, but more an affirmation that while ever they didn’t speak, they were equals, lovers. The sensation of Tom’s teeth as he grazed his collarbone was perfect. Something to be celebrated, not reviled. Surely something that made him feel so complete could never be a sin? For in that one moment, Deacon didn’t have to pretend anymore and he was content.

In moments, Tom had him undressed. “Stay still.”

Deacon groaned as the order went straight to his cock.

Tom’s calloused fingers swept over his shoulders and down his chest. Tom’s nails dug in around his nipples, and Deacon swayed towards him with every pull as if there were invisible strings attached. Tom bent his head, his warm lips drugging Deacon’s movements till they stilled. How could his skin vibrate as if alive, yet his body remain immovable as if cast in stone?

When Tom knelt in front of him, Deacon gasped. “You—” can’t? That was ridiculous, and Deacon bit the words off before they were uttered. His breaths came out in hurried gasps when Tom looked up, blue eyes on fire almost as they smoldered with heat.

Deacon almost couldn’t breathe as Tom wrapped his lips around his cock. His knees wobbled, inspiring Tom to bring two strong hands around to clasp his buttocks, pulling him nearer and making Tom almost seem to swallow him.

Almost immediately, Deacon felt the tingles in his spine. He had to hang on, and he threaded his fingers through Tom’s hair, desperate for some anchor before he exploded. Thrice. He’d had this done three times by whores, but never had he wished to think of something else while it was being done. Tom had his full attention.

“Oh.” Deacon pressed his lips together hard as Tom’s teeth scraped back and his tongue followed the fold on his foreskin, pushing it back slowly. He could nearly feel the come rush from his balls at the same speed as the blood pounding through his veins. Tom must have sensed this, because when Deacon’s back arched, he intensified the suction nearly to the point of pain, his fingers digging in Deacon’s buttocks to keep him close. That sinful tongue and commanding mouth wringing Deacon’s orgasm from him.

Deacon gasped. Eyes blinded by momentous pressure that rose in him and threatened to take over his body. He heard a small satisfied sound from the man on his knees and that was it, the catalyst that sent him over the edge. Deacon shot his pleasure into the warm mouth compelling it thus, and flung his head back, mouth open in a silent cry, his legs supported only by Tom’s hands.

Deacon’s cock jerked a final time just as Tom swallowed around it and let it drop from his lips. His eyes still closed, he felt the pressure from Tom’s hand pushing him backwards towards the bed. One more step, and Deacon hit the bed with the back of his knees, which folded, ably helped by the push of Tom’s hand. Deacon felt the bed dip and a cautious tongue lick at the side of his throat until he moved his head to the side to give the man better access. He vaguely heard a chuckle, and answered it with a tilt of his lips. He had neither the command of his body nor the presence of mind to do any other.

He just needed a minute. Then he would explore the gorgeous body laid beside him and return the favor. Just one minute.



TITLE: The secret history of another Rome
PUBLISHER: Kellan publishing
GENRE: historical
PRICE: $ 11.38 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 389 pages
RELEASE DATE: June 4th, 2015


BLURB: In the mid-2600s, Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria, a patriarchy run by priest-bureaucrats called Librarians. After twenty-two years on the throne, Ranulf’s memories flood back to him, from the time he moved to Alexandria with his mother to his present situation resulting from his choices, his training and his relationships. Ranulf’s life has been a quest for truth, not the half-truths of the Librarians and their Secret History, but an understanding of how action rather than static dogma is the path to the future. Guided by mysterious strangers from another time and his own innate curiosity, Ranulf searches for this understanding. Why do the Librarians hide facts from their ruler? What will Ranulf do as he gradually uncovers the truth? How will he respond when he finally understands?



History geek?  with a slight dash of OCD for intricate detailing?  Then I’ve found the perfect book for you.

I’m going to be completely honest here and say that this was not a easy read for me, sometimes I got lost in the so intricate detailing and certain parts also went straight over my head –  I’ve never said I have a high IQ!  But having said that, it was clever, articulate and very interesting.

This would come under the category of AV (alternative universe).  Emperor Ranulf has spent his life seeking the truth.  Is what the Librarians tell him, the truth?  and if not?  why would they lie?  As we progress through the book, we see how Ranulf progresses too, firstly as a person and then as Supreme Pontiff.

This is not a romance, but there is love.  The word building by the Author is phenomenal (even though it tested my intelligence at times), the descriptive detailing and research that the Author must have done, is truly amazing and very thought provoking – you will need to read it yourselves to fully understand what I’m trying to convey.

Overall, though I did get a bit bogged down at times and had to reread certain parts to fully understand where the Author was taking us on this journey, I’m glad I persevered, it gave me reason to ponder and question-  and I liked that.

4 non-secret stars from me.

infinito 4

****I would like to thank the author for the opportunity and privilege of reviewing this ARC. My opinions of this book, were entirely my own.****



TITLE: Beloved Unmasked
AUTHOR: Brita Addams
PUBLISHER: Dreampsinner Press
GENRE:  Historical Romance
SERIES: Tarnished #3
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner store
LENGTH: 274 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 16th, 2015


BLURB: Born to a spiteful prostitute in Storyville, the red-light district in New Orleans, David comes into the world as Picayune, meaning “of little value,” or, as his mother reminds him, “nothing.” In the early 20th century brothels and clubs, his love of music sustains young Pic until a life-changing meeting places him on the road to respectability, and Pic reinvents himself as David Reid.

As David realizes happiness for the first time, conscription forces his friend and first love, Spencer Webb, into the Great War. While he pursues a law degree, letters from Spence connect David to his hopes for the future. After staggering news at war’s end, David must find a way to move forward. Under the tutelage of his benefactor, David’s career prospers, but specters from Storyville threaten all he’s worked so hard to achieve.

The past holds both pain and love. Will facing it head-on destroy David or give him everything he’s ever dared dream?




This book fractured my heart in so many places and at so many different times, that I’m surprised I came out whole at the end of reading it!

Reading the harsh realities of growing up in a brothel, with the-mother-from-hell, was the first of many tears that I shed, but I have to tell you that there was also light, bright beautiful light, that shine through and made this book so readable.

The Author’s detailing was utterly superb – I lived that time with them, I breathed the air that they breathed and felt their joy and heartache. You may be wondering by now why I keep referring to “them” as this is Picayune/David’s story and it is, but the supporting caste of characters, all added so much depth and substance to this imaginative and compelling storyline (this includes a bitch, who has the audacity to call herself a mother and has now gained entry to my list of “Top Ten Despicable Baddies Of All Time”) that referring in the singular doesn’t cut it.

I really liked Picayune from the moment he was born, he was special, determined and his destiny was never meant to be a prostitute like his mother, his was meant to be much, much more. Growing up in a brothel, pre WW1, in Storyville, New Orleans, is something no child should ever have to endure or witness, but Pic not only endured it, he educated himself – he knew that was the route to take to get him out of there. Unlike his best friend Spence. Spence was quite happy to be a prostitute – why give it away for free, when men will pay for it? I loved the exuberant character the Author gave us in Spence, he had this buoyancy about him that was so endearing, that for me, he became the true star of this book.

Now I don’t want to go down the spoiler route, but Spence has a Client, Emile. Emile is a very successful lawyer and see’s Pic’s potential, but so does Tom Anderson (the unofficial Mayor of Storyville). With Tom’s guidance, Pic becomes “David” and soon after, Emile re-enters David’s life. WW1 has already begun in Europe and America is going to step in too. Nothing will ever be the same again, especially as “lover-not-the-fighter” Spence is called up to serve his country.

That is all the spoiler I can give you, you need to read what happens yourselves, if you are anything like me, this book will remain with you, long after you have finished it. It has to be 5* from me, no other rating would justice to this remarkable book.

Though this is the third book in the series, it is a stand alone, so don’t worry about not reading books 1 and 2 first.


infinito 5e
****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****




TITLE: The Butcher and the Beast
AUTHOR: Sean Michael
PUBLISHER: Totally Bound Publishing
GENRE: Historical
PRICE: $ 2,98 e-book on
LENGHT: 115 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 22th, 2015


BLURB: Can a pirate and a doctor find love on the seas?
Stephen is a doctor, a practical man who wishes his sister wouldn’t worry so about the pirates that plague their island home. So it’s ironic that Stephen himself is set upon by just those pirates, who carry him off to heal their wounded captain.
John is a pirate captain, master of his fate and used to getting what he wants. And he decides he wants Stephen, even when the good doctor wants nothing more than to run away from him.
Can the beast convince the doctor who the sailors call the butcher to stay with him?


lorraineHow can you love a book that is so silly, that it becomes silliness personified? Well, I did! It reminded me so much of the old fashioned Mills and Boon bodice rippers, where the heroine is being thoroughly debauched and keeps saying “you beast!” over and over again (the author certainly had a liking for that word – you will read it a lot!). All that is different is that that heroine is called Stephen (complete with the Mills and Boon obligatory golden curls), a gentleman of the finest quarter, a doctor and pretty nifty with his sword (now I could be completely crass here with that word, but I will refrain) oh, and let’s not forget the eye-rolling (yes, we are back to Mills and Boon again – sorry but I just can’t help it). Anyway, I love pirates and particularly Stephen’s pirate, his banter and innuendos were smutty and so much fun to read – I loved it! I’m sure that the author had great fun writing this tongue-in-cheek, sexy, pirate’s tale as I had in reading it. It finished pretty abruptly, with no declaration of love but it’s there, it’s really there and I would love to read more of their high sea capers.

infinito 5e




TITLE: The secret casebook of Simon Feximal
AUTHOR: KJ Charles
PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
GENRE: Historical
LENGTH: 224 pages

BLURB: A story too secret, too terrifying—and too shockingly intimate—for Victorian eyes.

A note to the Editor
Dear Henry,
I have been Simon Feximal’s companion, assistant and chronicler for twenty years now, and during that time my Casebooks of Feximal the Ghost-Hunter have spread the reputation of this most accomplished of ghost-hunters far and wide.
You have asked me often for the tale of our first meeting, and how my association with Feximal came about. I have always declined, because it is a story too private to be truthfully recounted, and a memory too precious to be falsified. But none knows better than I that stories must be told.
So here is it, Henry, a full and accurate account of how I met Simon Feximal, which I shall leave with my solicitor to pass to you after my death.
I dare say it may not be quite what you expect.
Robert Caldwell
September 1914
“The Caldwell Ghost” and “Butterflies” are previously published short stories. The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal continues and completes Robert Caldwell and Simon Feximal’s story.
Warning: Contains a foul-tempered Victorian ghost-hunter, a journalist who’s too curious for his.