REVIEW: “DEVOUR” by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

TITLE: Devour
AUTHOR: Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott
SERIES: Unbreakable Bonds Series – book 4
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace
COVER ARTIST: Stephen Drake
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 4.62 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 249 pages
RELEASE DATE: 28th April 2017


BLURB: Ian Pierce is the chef and part owner of the hottest restaurant in Cincinnati, his chosen family is full of happy relationships, and the scruffy, snarky cop who has been haunting his dreams is one step closer to being in his bed. But everything comes crashing down when the past he narrowly escaped nine years ago comes to a deadly head.

Hollis Banner was enamored of Ian at first sight. He’s kept his distance, knowing the gorgeous, self-confident man is out of his league. Yet there’s no standing aside when Boris Jagger escapes a raid. Jagger’s world has been nearly destroyed and this time, the crime boss is coming after Ian and his friends personally.

Hollis will do whatever it takes to keep Ian safe as they escape to a safe house with a couple of Ian’s overprotective friends. And Ian finds himself in a race to unlock painful memories—memories containing information that could take down the very last of Jagger’s illegal operations forever.


FedericaFirstly I want to say that this is a really wonderful Series and I have loved every book.  Each book was based on one of four friends – Lucas, Snow, Rowe and Ian.  This book is Ian’s story.
I’ll be honest and say that Ian has never been one of my favourites, he’s been too much in the shadows with his friends in the other books but my curiosity was roused and I was looking forward to finding out his story.
We already knew bits about him from the other books – how they all became friends and Ian’s tragic past (which had already shredded my heart to pieces) but despite everything that had happened, he was not only strong and positive but a wonderful character as well.
So as I have said, I was looking forward to finding out more about him and hopefully keeping my heart whole in the process as this time, I was prepared.
But I wasn’t……..
I don’t want to go down the spoiler route, because I feel that this is the type of book you need to go in blind and read the storyline unprepared, but I will say this……I lost count the number of times I almost had a heart attack, the twists and turns of the storyline continued until the very last page, I was on the edge of my seat.  Yes, it’s full of action but also it’s full of love as well, this book like all the others in the Series, is simply amazing.
The two authors are also amazing and very talented.  But I will say as well,  that they are also diabolical!!! they put us readers and their characters through so much, but I may forgive them in time because Ian and Hollis are just perfect together.
The thought that this is the last book in the Series is shattering, it’s going to be so hard to let go of these guys but we have Rowe and Noah’s and Ian and Hollis’s short stories to look forward to.

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****



TITLE: Cozzi Cove: New Beginnings
AUTHOR: Joe Cosentino
PUBLISHER: NineStar Press
SERIES: Cozzi Cove #4
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 4,99 on Amazon
LENGTH: 214 pages
RELEASE DATE: 27th March 2017


BLURB: Welcome back to the romantic and magical place called Cozzi Cove, seven guest bungalows on the New Jersey Shore.

This summer, Cal and his new husband, Michael, along with sister, Taylor, and her wife, Carla, prepare for the first in the next generation of Cozzis. To add to the action: Cal finds his great-grandfather’s diary, exposing a shocking surprise; Michael and Taylor weigh new job opportunities that could take them far away from Cozzi Cove; red-letter Christian and new houseboy, Billy Dean, gets his wish when meeting Jesus and John at the cove; summer guest, Nijad, can’t decide which sibling he prefers—Annabel or Andrew; and Jonathan, an occult enthusiast, encounters a sexy vampire.

As usual, nothing is as it seems when romance blossoms once again at Cozzi Cove. What secrets, mysteries, and passions lie waiting to unfold? Find out in Book Four of the Cozzi Cove series.



 “Love is love. It’s rare and precious.  If it’s real, you’ll know when you have it.  And If you do, you won’t want to let it go” – Joe Cosentino, 2017. 

Part of my anticipation in reading the Cozzi Cove Series is finding out who’s checking in on the Guest List this season and their baggage that they are bringing with them – and I’m not talking suitcases here……

Each guest that checks into one of the Cozzi Cove bungalows has a story to tell, some hilariously funny, some sad but in the very capable hands of this author, we know it’s going to be another memorable season.

We were given a quick catch up with the Cozzi’s themselves – Cal and Michael have been married a year now, as have George and Aaron and Taylor and Carla with the Hot-Off-The-Press news that Carla is heavily pregnant with Cal and Michael’s baby after offering to be a Surrogate for them. My trolley-dolly Connor has been replaced by Billy Dean Boyd, he is studying theatre but spouts his Grampa’s  expressions with such a fluency that I was left with that 24 carat feeling which made great reading, I think my favourite being “I’m dryer than a tree bribing a dog” but it’s a hard decision because they are all such little gems.

So who were our Guests this season? Well, we had a Travel Agent, Flight Attendants, a Tax Auditor, a senior Editor of a very famous magazine, Jesus and his disciple John (yep, you read that right) and let’s not forget the unforgettable method actor, Count Dracula….

As you can see, quite a bunch of somewhat oddball, quirky but definitely interesting group of Guests. And Joe Cosentino gets full kudos for giving every character their own specialness that made such entertaining and somewhat gut-busting reading, so remember the hankies when reading to mop up the tears of laughter, as they come in quick succession!

For me, this Series is about love, finding yourself and most of all acceptance. The author always subtly infuses a moral message into his stories and this one was no exception, a wake up call to remind us that though someone may be different, it doesn’t make them a lesser person and being different should be embraced, not disgraced or shamed, but accepted for whom they are.

I’ll always check in with Joe Cosentino, he is the “thinking author” of sexy fun, memorable characters and creativity, where hope can become reality.

Five big fat stars from me.


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****





TITLE: Cozzi Cove: stepping out
AUTHOR: Joe Cosentino
PUBLISHER: NineStar Press
SERIES: Cozzi Cove #3
GENRE:  Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 5.58 on Amazon
LENGTH: 216 pages
RELEASE DATE: 23rd January 2017


BLURB: It’s time for another summer of sun, sand, suntan lotion, sandals, and Speedos on Cozzi Cove at the New Jersey Shore. Cal Cozzi’s seven bungalows are once again open for love.

This summer, sexy Cal welcomes back his brother and sister, who are confronted with people from their pasts. Connor, the maid packed with muscle and mayhem, becomes the subject of a handsome young psychologist’s study on human sexuality. Tommy, the strapping, bald and tattooed local bartender, is captivated with guest Cory Magnum, a police officer with a secret. Another guest, Bill, a disbelieving pastor, is inspired by a vision of two sexy male angels on the cove. And Cal and Michael reach a plateau in their relationship.

What secrets, humor, tragedies, mysteries, and passions lie waiting to unfold in this magical place called Cozzi Cove?




    ****another winner from the Joe Cosentino stable****

 Yet again this author showered us with the Cosentino magic, I was drenched in his drama, angst, ultimate love and…..angels, he certainly pulled another triumph from his magician’s hat.

For the uninitiated, Cozzi Cove is a gay holiday resort and after the death of his parents and with the help (financially) from his sister, his younger lover and recently found half brother, Cal runs it himself and has found his true calling.

So let’s talk about the Cozzi’s themselves…….

Cal. Owner of Cozzi Cove. In love with his younger lover, but still hung-up over the death of his husband.

Michael. Cal’s younger lover. “Star of Cal’s nights and his brightness in the mornings” but tried to gay-bash Cal on their first meeting! Now all he wants is for Call to make an honest man of him and marry him.  Michael needs this to make his life complete.

Taylor. Cal’s sister and financial wizard. With her mordant wit that she lavishly sprinkles over the people she loves, it covers the real Taylor and the secret she is hiding.

George. Cal and Taylor’s half brother. Gifted designer but still reeling from the shock that  the love of his life walked out on him because he wasn’t’t Jewish!

But it’s not just about the Cozzi’s and the webs they weave, it’s also about the Guests that check-in and check-out. But they never check out of our hearts.  We as readers, remember everyone of them – they are the real beauty of Cozzi Cove together with this author’s amazing talent – he makes these OTT characters stay with us, his characterisation is just phenomenal and therefore great fun to read, I never chuckle as much as I do as when I’m reading a Cosentino.

And I cannot resist but mention Connor. My all time favourite trolley dolly nymphomaniac.  His enthusiasm for sex leaves me gobsmacked but Connor is gobsmacked as well – he’s fallen madly in love and this time, it’s real love……

For me, Stepping Out, unlike the others in the Series, is about your past catching up with you. The truth will always come out and deeds will be punished but for some, maybe get their rewards they so deserve.

The Series goes from strength to strength with each new addition but don’t worry if you haven’t read the others yet, it can be read very successfully as a stand alone.

Five big fat stars from me.


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****





TITLE: Hard Act to Follow
SERIES: Shooting Stars – book 4
PUBLISHER: Liquid Silver Books
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 4.73 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 119 pages
RELEASE DATE: 25tht June 2016


BLURB:  Greg Dwyer and Kyrie Li are living the glorious couple life in New York City. Or are they? When struggling actor Kyrie lands a modeling job, he’s ecstatic to have extra cash to spend on his best-friend-turned-boyfriend.

Of course, Greg is suspicious Anders Berglund, the gorgeous and androgynous Swedish cover model the designers love to pair with Kyrie, is after his man. And maybe Kyrie encourages a growing closeness with the guy?

Greg is probably to blame if Kyrie is drawn to the openly gay and seriously beautiful Andy. With Andy, Kyrie can be himself, as loud and proud as he’s always been. But Greg’s sexuality stays firmly locked in the closest except when he’s with Kyrie’s supportive family or alone with the man he loves.

To make matters worse, Greg’s out-of-touch mom meets with financial ruin and moves in with the couple, forcing him into the closet in his own home.

Can Greg find a way to stand up to Mommy Dearest and win back a love he fought so hard to reach? He discovers the road to pride begins at home and with accepting oneself first. Otherwise, it’s just a dead-end street. Book 4 in the Shooting Stars series.



 Balancing Act is the 4th book of “Shooting stars” series by Kimber Vale.

After reading the third book “Hard Act to Follow”, I was really excited to meet Greg and Kyrie again. At the end of book 3, they were deeply in love and now did not have to hide or even pretend that they didn’t have feelings for each other, which is what love should be all about.
But love is never easy and the more we learn about Greg, the more we learn about his fears as well. It’s not just admitting that he and Kyrie are more than just friends, more than just roommates, but now lovers!  And I would love to tell you that that’s all, but its not….that is just the tip of the iceberg!
I loved the way the author showed us how they have both grown as individuals, facing their fears and difficulties. It became a very compelling storyline, I was glued to the pages especially how Greg admits to his jealousies and his fear to admitting that though he married a woman, he now loves a man.
But it not only that that Greg had to contend with, his mother is a big problem too and mix that up with Kyrie not wanting to be introduced as the brother of Greg’s ex-wife anymore, you can see why Greg’s fears seem so very real to him.
Now Kyrie is different. He faces every situation head on and therefore becomes the pillar that supports and holds Greg’s world together.
I really loved this book: the plot, the love and the fears that form this story.
The author managed to complete what was left incomplete from the previous book.
I also liked the introduction of some new characters, these friends of Kyrie and Greg gave a certain vivacity to the storyline, which I immensely enjoyed.
The author wrote a compelling story, it touches you, highlighting the fears that anyone and everyone can have.
I really recommend it.


infinito 4

****I would like to thank the Author for the opportunity and privilege of reading this ARC. My review was an honest opinion of the book****



TITLE:Claimed Beauty
AUTHOR: Meraki P. Lyhne
SERIES: The Cubi – book 2
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 4.99 e-book  on Amazon Store
LENGHT: 245 pages
RELEASE DATE: 15th December 2016


BLURB: Daniel was an Untouchable destined to be trained as a companion to a high ranking Cubus. A red-eyed Incubus screwed all that up at a dinner party, and Daniel is now a confused Changeling with a libido far exceeding anything he could ever have dreamed off. Seldon failed in keeping the Untouchable under his care safe, and he accidentally dosed the too young human. His worst fears came to pass when Daniel turned out to be a Changeling, and Seldon now has to face the Cubi justice for turning someone so young. Luckily, Seldon has a powerful friend at his side—one who also has an eye for the young beauty.



 Ok I was so excited! I was so impatient to read Daniel’s story that when finally Meraki sent me the ARC I dropped everything and just dived in…

“Claimed Beauty” is the 2nd of the “Cubi” series and if you are curious about the first book review, please check out Cinna’s amazing review.

Book 1 ends with Seldon being arrested because he accidentally dosed the Untouchable. The punishment for that is extremely strict and even fatal. Seldon feels that he let down not only Daniel but his Lord’s House and his children too. He fears for Daniel too but he is ready to accept all the punishment the Lords and Ladies will bestow upon him.

 Daniel is now in Caledon’s hands. He can’t help his hunger and the changing in him, so he must be dosed several times a day (meaning: sex sex sex and hot sex). He must start to learn the Cubies manners and history to find his place in this secret society. He not anymore slave, sees the things differently. He learns about the hunger, its triggers and purpose.

The punishment Seldon receive is interesting to say the least *snickers* and he must be publicly humiliated (that will hurt). Daniel struggles with his feelings for his now, notso Master. Daniel is a brat! He teases Caledon (and anybody with legs) with his beauty and charm and he really really likes being in the center of attention. His vanity is even worse than an incubi’s. But we will find out why. Oh my… the outcome of the book! I really didn’t see this coming! Meraki hurry up!! Gimme book 3 gimme gimme gimme…!


infinito 5e 

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****




TITLE: Enemies of the State
AUTHOR: Tal Bauer
SERIES: The Executive Office  – book 1
PUBLISHER: NineStar Press
GENRE: Contemporary
PRICE: $ 6.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 336 pages
RELEASE DATE: 14th February 2016


BLURB: A rogue Black Ops unit with the president in their crosshairs.

A Secret Service agent who will break every rule.

A president falling for the one person he shouldn’t—a man.

Newly elected President Jack Spiers’s presidency is rocked from the very beginning, and he’s working furiously to keep the world from falling apart. Between terrorism attacks ripping apart Europe, Russia’s constant posturing and aggression, and the quagmire of the Middle East, Jack is struggling to keep his campaign promise—to work toward a better, safer world.

For Special Agent Ethan Reichenbach, Jack is just another president, the third in twelve years. With Jack’s election, he’s been promoted, and now he’s running the presidential detail, which puts him side by side with Jack daily. He’s expecting another stuffed suit and an arrogant DC politician, but Jack shocks him with his humor and humanity.

There are rules against a Secret Service agent and one of their protectees developing a friendship—big rules. Besides, Jack is straight as a ruler, and a widower, and Ethan has always avoided falling for straight men. Ethan keeps his distance, but Jack draws him in, like gas to a naked flame, and it’s a lure he isn’t strong enough to turn away from.

As the two men collide, rules are shattered and the world teeters on the verge of war, and a rogue Black Ops unit bent on destruction sets Jack in their deadly crosshairs. Ethan must put everything on the line in order to save the man he’s come to love, Jack’s presidency, and the world.

Enemies of the State contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.


Federica Politics and me do not mix. My knowledge of American politics is limited to say the least, but I rather like the fictional political movies about American President’s and as soon as I saw the blurb to this book, my curiosity was roused, I knew I had to read it.
And it was the right decision, it was everything I expected but also, so much more.

This is not just a political drama, it’s also the most wonderful of romances (which everyone knows is my favourite) in fact it had everything – suspense, tension, international intrigues and twists and turns at every corner.
This is my first Tal Bauer book and I loved it, a wonderful surprise. I was held spellbound from the very first page to the very last.
I’ll let you into my guilty secret, when the romance is twinned with a secondary plot, I have been known to skip some pages to get to the romance, but not with this one.  The plot was as riveting as was the romance, I adored the tension and suspense side of things, especially as nothing was guaranteed….
But the romance was guaranteed and this GFY storyline was perfect.
Jack Spears is the new President of the United States. He has been a widower for many years and very straight.
Ethan Reichnbach is the Chief of his Security Team. He’s gay but doesn’t have relationships. His whole life has been dedicated to his work and has certain “rules”, the main one being “never get involved with the person you have to protect”.
Up until now, it has never been a problem. But he knows that Jack Spears could be a big problem.  Not only is he a good man but he’s also very lonely.  Ethan cannot keep away, he can’t distance himself, breaking his own rules.
The suspense storyline was very fast paced unlike the romance, it was a slow burn, they took their time and that made the book for me – the icing on the cake.
Ethan struggles because he is full of doubts, he’s tried to deny his feelings but then finally realises that it’s just impossible. Jack however, though shocked after their first kiss, is  very willing to discuss every possibilities on offer.
It truly is a wonderful book.

Highly, highly recommended.

infinito 5e



TITLE: Where We Left Off
AUTHOR: Roan Parrish
SERIES: Middle of Somewhere – book 3
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PRICE: $ 6,99 e-book on Dreamspinner Press Store
LENGHT: 260 pages
RELEASE DATE: 26th September 2016


BLURB: Leo Ware may be young, but he knows what he wants. And what he wants is Will Highland. Snarky, sophisticated, fiercely opinionated Will Highland, who burst into Leo’s unremarkable life like a supernova… and then was gone just as quickly.

For the past miserable year, Leo hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the powerful connection he and Will shared. So, when Leo moves to New York for college, he sweeps back into Will’s life, hopeful that they can pick up where they left off. What begins as a unique friendship soon burns with chemistry they can’t deny… though Will certainly tries.

But Leo longs for more than friendship and hot sex. A romantic to his core, Leo wants passion, love, commitment—everything Will isn’t interested in giving. Will thinks romance is a cheesy fairy tale and love is overrated. He likes his space and he’s happy with things just the way they are, thank you very much. Or is he? Because as he and Leo get more and more tangled up in each other’s lives, Will begins to act like maybe love is something he could feel after all.



I’m the first to admit that I was a bit afraid of starting this book, the first two in the Series were so amazing that I knew this couldn’t be as good (does Roan Parrish ever write a bad book though?).

Though this book 3 is different from the first two, it is just as enjoyable. I normally always recommend that you start with the first book of the Series and make your way through them, but this one can be read very successfully as a stand alone.  Previous characters from earlier books only appear in cameo roles, so there’s no confusion within the storyline.

These MCs are very different from each other and also very complex.

Though there is a age gap between these two, we were prepared for it, it was mentioned in Book 1 and therefore it didn’t seem such a big age gap.

20 year old Leo has lived his entire life in a very small town called Holiday. At the beginning of the story, we would call Leo “naive” but as the story develops, so does he.  Will on the other hand is very different.  He’s not “naïve” at all, he’s a fully grown man, works, has a house and certainly not looking for a relationship – he’s very happy with the way things are, thank you very much.

Right from the start, he’s totally honest with Leo so you can’t begrudge him (though I did want to hit him over the head a few times, lol). He never tried to deceive Leo, it was Leo himself that had the illusion that he could change Will and when he realises that it’s not possible, recovery from that fact was so very hard.

So it was a complete shock when it’s Leon that deceives Will when he leaves him! (sorry, bit of a spoiler there, but it’s important to the storyline).

So, for the most part of the book, it’s about Leo’s growth. How he changes from the young, inexperienced college student leaving Holiday to go to New York.  How he changes himself, with the help of friends and Will, into the man he is today.  But it’s not only that, because Will also grows up too,

I like the conflicts and the misunderstandings in the books that I read and trust me, this story had lots and lots of it.

And the HFN ending was not only perfect but romantic as well. Who knows if they will have their forever ending but I truly hope it will happen.

Maybe this story isn’t of the same level as the first two, but Leo and Will are very real characters and I really enjoyed reading their story.


infinito 4 

****The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****

REVIEW: “GET OFF MY CASE” by Lisa Oliver


TITLE: Get off my case
AUTHOR: Lisa Oliver
SERIES: Stockton Wolves – book 1
PUBLISHER: Oliver Group Publications
GENRE: Paranormal romance
PRICE: $ 0.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 450 pages
RELEASE DATE: 18th December, 2014


BLURB: Shane West was used to being the only wolf shifter at the Stockton Police Department. His enhanced senses helped him do his job efficiently and he prided himself on keeping control of his animal instincts. Gay from the first day he’d shifted, he also expected to live his long life alone, and provided it meant that he didn’t have to come into contact with any of his ex-pack, he told himself he was happy. And he was. Until Dimitri Polst was assigned as his new partner.

Confirmed ladies man, Dimitri Polst knew Shane from before he’d ever shifted into his wolf form. Two years older and from the same pack, Dimitri had made it his teenage mission to bring as much pain and humiliation to pretty-boy Shane as possible. But eight years later, he searched for that pretty boy, now all grown up, with a completely different mission in mind.

Being fated mates was hard enough, but when one man is straight and the other one has no reason to trust, then sparks are bound to fly. Add in a serial killer who is making inroads into the gay population and a possible shifter involvement, and Shane and Dimitri have a lot of thing to overcome before they get their HEA.

Author note: The first 20,000 words of this story were published as a free read for the Goodreads MMRomance Group Love’s Landscapes Project. 49,000 words have been added to make this into the book my characters wanted it to be.



I would like to start off by saying that the way Lisa Oliver described Dimitri’s personal growth throughout the whole story, was truly captivating, I was drawn in immediately, it was just beautifully written.

Dimitri’s and Shane’s own story is entwined with an ongoing investigation of a Serial Killer who is focusing on young, attractive gay men. I admit that there were times when I did start to question whether this was really a romance?

 Dimitri is very unpleasantly surprised when 8 years after he left the Pack, Shane suddenly appears and confronts him.  However, it only takes one whiff of Dimitri and Shane’s world is suddenly turned upside down.

He realises that for the past 8 years, he’s missed out on something really, really important and needs to make amends immediately. But it’s not that simple, there is still the issue of the bullying and even worse than that, he tried to have a relationship with a woman even knowing that he had a Mate out there!

Another problem for Dimitri, is that he is having a hard time acknowledging the fact that his Mate is a male and therefore he will be considered as Gay. This is of course all due to his past history. He’s of the opinion that the rest of the world has got it all wrong, he’s still straight, absolutely no need to adjust whatsoever – oh boy, naïve or what!

I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing how he struggled, but there were times that I wanted to scream at him as well. He drifted along on a sea of doubt before it finally hit him of what was the most important thing to him – his Mate!

And let’s not forget the murder investigation. Initially everything pointed towards Shane being set up, but by whom?  And more importantly, why?  I got sucked in, I couldn’t wait to see who was framing Shane and killing the young men.

 No spoilers, but I have to say that I was completely surprised by whom the culprit turned out to be, so well done author, you took me by surprise on that one.  Buy this book, you will not be disappointed, highly recommended.

infinito 5e


TITLE: The Boyfriend Makeover
AUTHOR: River Jaymes
SERIES: The Boyfriend Chronicles – book 3
COVER DESIGN: The Killion Group
PUBLISHER: River Jaymes
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 3.99 e-book on Amazon store
RELEASE DATE: 22th November 2016


BLURB: Noah Tanner loves life and the gay men who live it. Bisexuals rock too. Questioning? Even better. Random hot encounters are almost as regular as his nightly cocktail, but it’s his friends and his calling that feed his soul. He’s spent years raising money for San Francisco’s homeless in honor of the boyfriend who died. His most important objective? Ensuring the success of his upcoming, upscale charity event. He’s closing in on his goal, but the deliciously scruffy, oh-so-sexy Bachelor Bid contestant, Dr. Kyland Davis, is proving far too distracting.

Former Texan and no-nonsense surgeon Ky Davis prefers his beat-up Stetson boots to polished dress shoes. But after a difficult year for his sister, he’ll do anything to see her smile again, even participate in the fundraiser she’s coordinating. He’s sacrificed a lot to help raise his siblings—including keeping his sexual orientation a secret. Unfortunately, the accompanying makeover by Noah Tanner might be his undoing…


12833361_10205887579250242_1339245014_nHow to review a book that grabbed my heart years before I read it… yes, I know it sounds crazy, but you heard me right. Noah is a significant character throughout The Boyfriend Chronicles. I have been waiting for his book for a long long time, and I have never been given such an amazing gift for my patience before. This is the third story in the series and for maximum reading pleasure I would say it’s best to start with The Backup Boyfriend and The Boyfriend Mandate, or reread them as I did the past few days.

River Jaymes delivers an unforgettable masterpiece with The Boyfriend Makeover. Noah and Ky’s story has a relatively simple plot, but the magic happens when the writer gives this simple story so many layers, packing it with so many amazing feels that the book takes over… the story and the feelings it evokes in you take over… you live and breathe with the characters. It’s a rare, but wonderful experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

This book has everything I love in my MM romances. It has heart, amazing feels, unique characters, great depth, no unnecessary complications, and style. A style that grabs you on the first page and takes your whole being on an emotional journey you will likely never forget. I was crying at times, laughing out loud a lot. Noah is one of the greatest characters ever written. When you are in the middle of a heartbreaking scene and you are looking for a tissue, he delivers a line and you start laughing and crying some more with a huge grin on your face. I just LOVE him and this story from the bottom of my heart. We meet everyone from the previous books, see how happy they are, how they deal with some life-altering situations together, and how this wonderful group of friends form a unique family we love so much. Ky is the perfect partner who helps Noah live his life again the fullest. They have a wonderful chemistry, and a deepening connection that creates a sweet, heartwarming love story I’m going to read over and over again. Highly recommended!!!


infinito 5e

****I would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reading this ARC.  My review is an honest opinion of the book****


REVIEW: “A SIP OF RIO” by Teodora Kostova

TITLE: A Sip of Rio
AUTHOR: Teodora Kostova
GENRE:  Contemporary
E-BOOK: yes
PRICE: $ 2.99 e-book on Amazon
LENGTH: 151 pages
RELEASE DATE: 04th October 2016


BLURB: Liam Young has a problem – he’s booked a romantic holiday to Rio de Janeiro months ago, but when he breaks up with his boyfriend, all his plans fall apart. Not only is his dream holiday slipping through his fingers, but Liam is sick and tired of getting his heart broken.

Blaine Reed has a solution that can save Liam’s plans. Recently divorced, Blaine needs a break, and a couple of stress-free weeks in Rio with a sexy guy like Liam sound like heaven.

Liam and Blaine hit it off right from the start, becoming good friends even before they’ve left London. Despite their efforts to ignore the simmering attraction between them, it boils over when they end up sharing a room in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Being together in Rio is easy, and it’s exactly what Liam needs – no feelings, no drama, nobody getting hurt.

Until someone does.

When the holiday bubble bursts, it’s up to them to find a way to be together outside of Rio’s seductive magic. 




A Sip of Rio is exactly what the title suggests. If you think of Rio (and I mean your positive thoughts), you immediately associate it with FUN, sunshine, laughter, amazing scenery, gorgeous people, dancing, and something exotic, even magical. This story provides all that, and adds some sweet love to the mix. We get a light, entertaining story with two great guys who have fun together with lots of laughter, dancing and a little bit of angsty conflict just for good measure. No matter how unusual the plot is, we all know that life creates the most amazing situations ever, and you’ll know how true this is when you read the afterword, which adds an extra layer of awesome to this book. I really like the structure of the plot, and the build-up of Blaine and Liam’s relationship has a great pace. The story is told from both of their point of views and it gives a better chance for the reader to really feel what’s going on.

If you are looking for a few hours of vacation, getting away from your everyday life, this is a perfect read for you. A Sip of Rio is a true feel-good story, which will take you away to an unforgettable place, make you meet two interesting characters, who have awesome adventures together, getting to know each other, discovering Rio and themselves along the way. The chemistry between the MCs is wonderful. They are really hot and sweet together and have a great amount of fun, sizzling sexy-time. You can feel the writer’s love for this place and the amount of background knowledge she has, paints a real lifelike image of the Rio and its magical atmosphere. Enjoy!


infinito 4

**** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.****