TITLE: Sons of Earth
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
COVER ARTIST: Sour Cherry Design
PRICE: $ 3,92 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 83 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 18th, 2016


BLURB: Twenty years after the Outlaw MC series, their children may not know the cost of war but they will know terror when Mars starts to reject humanity.

President of the Outlaw MC of Mars has a son—one that matches his temperament and the ability to find himself in trouble. Arie likes the notoriety a biker club offers, but being the oldest son of a founding member are big shoes to fill. When a quake makes the sleepy city on Mars rumble, Arie and his best friend Kavin are drinking in an off-limits spaceship. An unexpected kiss, followed by the quake, makes for one hell of a mistake. They take off without any ability to control the ship. Their destination? Earth.

There’s a lack of clothing, earth animals, and a growing relationship that leaves Arie confused about his future, but none of that compares to the dangers. Arie must now face a beast that nearly killed his father, and a love he never saw coming.



James Cox can do no wrong in my eyes, I love his books.  I dubbed him The Cox some time ago because he is simply King of the Cocks – he owns it.  And this book proved it beyond doubt. Now I must admit that I was a bit surprised when he announced a follow-on from his marvellous Outlaw MC Series – I wasn’t sure where he was going to take it?

Well, he’s taken it to the next generation and Earth!  And do you want to know a secret?  I think it has the potential to be even better than the first Series and that’s saying something. Of course the dad’s are still featuring, but it was kinda sad to see them getting old – but having said that, they  may be ageing, but still ready to ride to the rescue, or in this case, fly to the rescue. But this is Arie, Kavin’s and the dreaded octopus monster story. It starts with Arie and Kavin (his best friend) messing about together on Mars when the ground starts to shake and they end up on their way to Earth in the spaceship they were drinking on. Not a bad thing you might say, but Earth has long been abandoned and Arie’s father was imprisoned there and nearly died.  Plus there may be the added problem of the flesh eating octopus monster that be may lurking around and with no one left of earth, it’s  either dead or ravenously hungry…….. On a pretty uneventful landing, both Arie and Kavin are amazed and impressed with Earth.  Unlike Mars, it is luscious green and even has rain!  Its not so bad, they just have to wait to be rescued and still have some booze left, so why not have some?  And we all know what happens when we have a few drinks, maybe a little scared even and then one thing leads to another, which ends up with a kiss…. Now Arie has no problems with kissing, he does it all the time, he’s definitely a love em’ and leave em’ with no next time, kinda guy.  With girls.  Never with men and especially not his best friend.  He’s not Gay but he really enjoyed that kiss and wouldn’t mind a few more and if it leads to something else?  He wouldn’t mind that either! So while he’s waiting to be rescued and sorting out his feelings over why he feels so protective over Kavin, the octopus monster suddenly decides that it’s hungry and Arie and Kavin would be the perfect meal!

Can they survive long enough to be rescued and will Arie “man up” and admit his true feelings for Kavin? In summing up, it was sexy fun throughout.  I liked how it was told in Arie’s POV and James Cox has mastered this to perfection, the delivery and timing spot on and made it such a delight to read, so well done author. I need to read book 2 ASAP, as Mars has big problems and I think a evacuation to Earth maybe on the cards?  Don’t know.  But I want to see if I’m right. Highly, highly recommended.

5* Cox stars from me.

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TITLE: Broken, Collared, and Ready for Revenge
AUTHOR: James Cox
SERIES: The Gentlemen Brothers – book 3
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 94 pages
RELEASE DATE: 18th August 2016


BLURB: When the collar comes off, all that’s left is a broken man…

Alexander Gentleman has spent fifteen years being beaten into submission and tortured beyond anything a human should survive. He’s fractured around the edges when his brothers finally save him. With the help of “One Nut” Nigel, the collar is removed. He’s starting to remember the faces of those he’s killed and fighting the urge to murder everyone around him. But the one who put that clockwork device on him is still on the loose. With the help of Nigel, he tries to be integrated into a society he no longer understands.

Can he control himself long enough to get his revenge? Will Nigel be his savior or will Alexander embrace his darker side?



One nut Nigel was the nuts but it’s Alexander who stole the show

I knew after reading the first two books that I was going to like this but I wasn’t prepared for how much I LOVED it and I can thank Alexander Gentleman, the youngest brother of the Gentleman Brothers for that (well maybe some credit should be aligned to the author, lol).
The heavy heart I carried after reading the first few pages soon turned to a delighted heart and the smile remained throughly the whole book and having Logan’s sarcastic little quips of humour certainly helped to keep it there.

For me, this story had a different feel to it than the first two, it was somewhat more gentler in the love/sex department, now don’t get me wrong here, there’s very hot steam being produced – James Cox certainly put the steam into Steampunk – and I really liked it and it was so fitting for this storyline.
At a very young age, on a fateful night, Alexander was brutally torn from his brothers and made into a child slave, working in the tunnels (James Cox you broke my heart reading this). When they grew too big to fit into the tunnels (and if they survived this brutal, harsh world),  they were taken, collared and turned into mindless, savage Wraths following any order given to them.

Alexander’s brothers never gave up hope and kept looking for him. After many years, they finally find him and remove the controlling collar. But can Alexander be controlled?  is he too broken and therefore unable to function in this strange new world he now sees?  and there’s Nigel?  why does certain parts of Alexander’s body “thicken” when he’s near?  For those answers, you will have to read it yourself to find out…….
Over the years that I have read James Cox, I have always admired his imaginative imagination, I would love to know how his mind works when thinking up those outrageous inventions that he seems to conjure up on a regular basis, but I have to give him full credit for having the balls (sorry Nigel, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings there) in openingly taking his own personal fantasy of a co*k sucking machine and making into a reality!  **high five James**

Brilliant, brilliant read, for me the best of the Series and like most of the books that this author writes, if can be read very successfully as a stand alone if you fancy reading this one first.

Five Alexander is not hopeless but hopeful stars from me.

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TITLE: Dick, it’s what’s for dinner
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
GENRE: erotic sci-fi
PRICE: $ 3,81 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 104 pages
RELEASE DATE: 20th October  2015


BLURB: A criminal, a pilot, and an aspiring chef dance in a stripper bar at the center of the universe…

Six months on a military ship with my two friends, cooking food for the crew in nothing but skimpy shorts, what could possibly go wrong? Let’s see, our friendship starts to turn sexual. We agree to cook naked for extra money. One friend turns out to be a thief, the other is facing his shyness to admit he loves me, and atop all that, we’re thrust into the middle of a war. I was a dreamer trying to conquer my wish of being a chef, not some space fighter. How were we going to survive in combat conditions?

My best advice: Watch out for boiling water while cooking naked on a spaceship. Oh, and once in a while, play the hero.



Why am I never offered a menu with a blatant offering like that? Hmmmmm…….need to make a note to widen my horizons on eating venue’s!

What a title! This is most probably the only author that I am aware of, that has the balls to not only think up something as outrageous as this, but also to have the audacity to actually use it!………James Cox, you have my respect.

And his outrageousness doesn’t just stop at the title, we have naked dancing men (OK, some may say that’s pretty norm for a James Cox book), but we also have a little chef’s hat perched on a rather large appendage – I kid you not.

As you may have already gathered from reading the blurb, which covers the storyline amazingly well, this is a erotic sci-fi romp. Unlike some sci-fi, it’s delivered in a simple, easy style that will appeal to most, even non sci-fi readers, so please don’t be put off with the sci-fi label.

The story is told from Vern’s POV. He works in a bar, as a stripper cum waiter (sorry, that should read…come waiter, or maybe not (lol)).  The money he earns pays for finishing his training in becoming a Chef and he works the floor with his two best friends.  It’s a means to an end, the play between the three of them, is exactly that.  Just play.  Or is it?  I won’t give any spoilers but I have to say, that it leads to one of the hottest ménage scenes that I have ever read and they were fun as well.  The author must have had as much fun in writing them as I had in reading them!

I so enjoyed this sexy romp, so much so, it’s most probably my favourite read from this author so far. I loved it.

Five big, fat, juicy dick stars from me.

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Interview to James Cox: “I’m all about the pleasure”


We at Threebooksovertherainbow love James Cox and his books. When he agreed to take time off from his busy writing schedule, we were ecstatic, especially me, as I was the “Chosen One” to talk to him.
I wanted to appear professional and efficient, but talking to someone who doesn’t wear pants (yes, it’s all true) was hard! (no pun intended). So as to not get distracted from my task, I decided to keep my eyes level with his, but have you seen those eyes? So I dipped mine. BIG MISTAKE!
This is what I eventually managed to ask him .


3Books:  Where do you get, shall we say “unique” ideas for your books from?
James: My brain is a scary, wondrous, naked place. Lol. Things just pop into my head. Most of them I can’t say aloud, so I write ‘em down.

3Books: How much of “James Cox” is in your books?
James: Every book has a dose of me. Most of them I have to clean up with a tissue before I send the story to my editor. But hey, that’s just me. *G*

3Books: Is it true that women and men throw their underwear at you?
James: Ha! That would be an interesting day. So far, no one has yet to throw anything sexy at me. I’ve received fantastic emails and posts about my books. A few naked pictures and an occasional idiot asking how big my dick is. I always answer 12 inches and then block them. *G* But my hands are open so…

3Books: What are you working on at the moment?
James: I just finished up with the edits for Break Me. It’s the last story in the Outlaw MC Series. This is Liam’s story. The one that I’ve been getting emails about. When’s it coming out? Is Liam going to live? What’s going to happen with Outlaw and the Prospect? Quite a lot of emails, actually and I love hearing how much you like my characters! It’s edited and it will be out soon! Tentative date is end of August/beginning of September. And I’m not that cruel, Liam is going to survive but how badly damaged? That, I’m not going to tell you. *W*

3Books: Which of your book characters is the most like you in real life?
James: Whichever one is horny, oh wait, that’s all of them. lol. I like to add a little of me on each character. Yeah, that sounded dirty even in my head. Honestly, I think I put a very heavy pinch of myself into Glenton from Lay Me Down to Sleep. He is so much like me when I first came out. Unsure, kind of scared, excited, and angry at the world. Each secret kiss in that story made me pleased and gloomy at the same time. Ah, memories. It’s why I prefer porn. *W*

3Books: What is your guilty pleasure?
James: That’s kind of a given. I’m all about the pleasure. *G*

3Books: If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
James: They wouldn’t actually be for me. Okay, one would be. Health for me, friends, family. The other two…would be for some sort of peace. Cheesy, I know but I really would wish for it. I’m tired of watching all the violence on the news. I’m tired of hearing about animals being abused. So much hate, it’s overwhelming. I wish humans learned from our past and worked toward a better future.

3Books: Can you tell us what is the first thing in your mind, right now!?
James: I’m thinking about… where the hell is my soul mate right now? Man or woman, since I like both. I’m sitting in my apartment, getting ready to write and it’d be nice to have a naked interruption.

3Books: Top or bottom?
James: Top. I like giving orders and taking control. *W*

3Books:  If you had the chance for one of your books to be made into a film, which one would you choose and why?
James: This is an awesome question! Let’s see. I think it’d be a tie between two. Lay Me Down to Sleep, which is a personal favorite of mine. It has much more of me in the character of Glenton. Or it would be, Quietly Into The Night. That book is one of my biggest sellers and honestly, I loved writing it.

lay me down    Quietly Into The Night


I hope you enjoyed the view, Lorraine. The interview was a lot of fun. Thank you for having me! And…have you seen where I threw my pants?

I thanked James and made a hasty retreat before he realised that his lost “pants” we’re tucked away neatly in my bag! A Reviewer has to have some perks!

 Here you can find all James Cox’ books:

REVIEW: “A FEW BAD MEN” by James Cox

a few bed men

TITLE: A Few Bad Men
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,98 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 87 pages
RELEASE DATE: August 4th, 2015


BLURB: What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The war on Mars is almost over. A small band of peacekeepers are hiding from the Outlaw MC. Grim has hidden his past from the club since he joined. He punishes himself for his old sins—no relationships, no friends, nothing but taking the government down. Then he meets a member’s brother.

Valentine just escaped from the prison on Earth. He’s too young for Grim but that doesn’t stop the pull between them. As the club hunts down the last of the peacekeepers, Grim and Valentine give in to their passion. It isn’t until after that the truth about Grim’s past comes out.

Can lies be forgiven as the peace of Mars is shattered?


lorraineWell he’s (James Cox) has done it again – another ARe best-seller on his hands and I can totally see why. This series/this book is amazing.
The dedication at the beginning was wonderful and welcoming and did I detect a slightly different vibe in the romance department? a slightly more gentler approach than normal? or was it just me?
Have to say that I loved the name Valentine, a perfect partnership name for his brother Romeo. And Grim? – the bad boy prison guard turned good – just swoon worthy!
The War for Mars is finally over. The “good guys” on the winning side and “Wexman’s baddies” on the losing side! However, Daisy (Day-si), the little “fu**er” has gotten away and I’ve got a strong feeling that this is not the last we will be hearing from him – can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance!
Valentine at 16, killed a prison guard (read the book to find his reason) and was sent to Earth, which is now a penal colony. He manages to escape when the guards on Earth realise that the war was going against them and decided to flee back to Mars. On Mars, he meets Grim, totally unaware that he is an ex-prison guard! Can Valentine forgive him? but more importantly, can Grim forgive himself?
I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention the “sleep wanking”, yes, you read that right! I am so naïve, that I actually Googled it! Realised what I was doing when the reality hit me that I was reading a James Cox book – of course he made it up! How in the world does he think these things up? Genius? or awaiting the men in white? I’ll let you decide!
Lots of good happenings, but most importantly, Outlaw is on his way to Earth to collect his VP and man, Liam!
Think I’m in need of getting the tissues ready for next month’s release and their reunion – Liam has suffered horrendously and only his man is going to be capable of putting him back together again – Outlaw you just rock!
Amazing book, amazing series.

infinito 5e


James Cox3

TITLE: Chaos Unchained
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,89 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 86 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 18th


BLURB: What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

I’m Chaos, patch member of Outlaw MC of Mars. We fight against the government’s warped rules under the guise of hover bike enthusiasts. Gays are put to death. Women are used for breeding. Dark-skinned men are considered slaves. I told you our world is messed up and the battle is going to be bloody. I’m currently on my way to Earth for a six-month prison sentence. Level six is for sex, a twisted buffet of ass and mouth. Level five is for the fights. That’s where I shine.

Beau is a sexy Hispanic man that’s too goofy to play with the big boys. He was loaned to me for some quick, naked fun. But it turned into something else. I don’t do relationships because of my past. My father was a serial killer. But it seems that now, I have a boyfriend. It’s complicated.

Beau is released from prison before me. Can I survive three months without his calming touch? Will he survive on Mars amid my dangerous and violent club without me?


lorraineI love The Cox books, they make me happy and leave a smile on my face, but I’m always wary when a author starts a new series – will I like it? what if I don’t?. The “what if I don’t” doesn’t apply here – I loved it! I started reading it and didn’t put it down until I had finished. The storyline is unique and interesting – Earth as we know it, no longer exists. It’s a penal colony for the convicted. “Chaos” has been convicted, his crime? drinking alcohol! Oh yes, the world has certainly changed. Not only is alcohol illegal, we now have slavery, women are a commodity used for breeding and homosexuality? a death sentence! Chaos is loyal to his MC and they intend to cause as much mayhem as possible to bring down the current Government and their stupid laws (Mick Jagger’s “Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope” springs to mind). Now I don’t want to give too much away, but as Chaos starts his sentence, he meets “Beau”, their is something about that man that brings all Chaos protective instincts to the surface – he will be his, he will protect him and no one touches him except Chaos (another saying that springs to mind is “Bikers don’t leak oil, they mark their territory” – take it from me, Beau was truly marked!). An amazing start to this new series and I can’t wait to read book 2 which I believe is being released next month. 5* ride all the way!



ball and chain

TITLE: Balls and Chains
AUTHOR: James Cox
PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing
PRICE: $ 3,99 e-book on Amazon
LENGHT: 86 pages


BLURB: What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The war has begun. The MCs of Mars are fighting against the corrupt government and their archaic rules: women are used for breeding, dark-skinned men are slaves, and homosexuals are executed. Whip is the kinky club member who is the best with current technology. He has the task of hiding out at Harley’s Hover Car Parts to monitor the government. He never planned on finding out the sexy ginger Harley had a crush on him. But Whip isn’t like most men. He grew up with a harsh father that taught him early how to torture people. Whip turned that horror around and now he can’t live a vanilla life. He has whips and cages and toys that would make any sane man run.

The city on Mars becomes a battle for the future of our species. But the battle between Harley and Whip is just beginning. Will these two men find love with balls and chains?


lorraineFirstly I have to say that I’ve never read a dedication that made me spew my coffee that I was drinking, all over my kindle – James Cox you have my respect!
So we’ve only got 2 more books before this slight-tongue-in-cheek-but-so-readable-series finishes – what am I going to do then? I can feel my addiction climbing to the surface already wailing at the thought – I’m in deep trouble here! and talking of deep, it brings me rather nicely onto Whip, whose story it is. Let’s be totally honest here, Whip is waaaaay deep! not surprising as his childhood and early adult life was totally controlled by his sadistic Peacekeeper father. The legacy he left Whip was a perchance for BDSM and a love for his “equipment” that he enjoys to fairly extreme levels – hence the name “Whip” (don’t be put off by the mention of a BDSM storyline, it’s mild and not offensive in anyway).
The war is gaining momentum, Whip being their communications expert (amongst other things (lol)), is sent to Harley’s Workshop to ensure that the communications are set up – you can’t win a war without communications. Not only does the war gain momentum but Whip and Harley’s relationship certainly does!
Did I mention that Harley is a ginger? No? well he is and does credit to the “we love gingers” fraternity out there – just sayin’. Again the sex scenes are hot, well we are talking The Cox here, so we would expect nothing else. The dynamics between Whip and Harley was compulsive reading and another excellent addition to this great series. 5* ride all the way!